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The Tick (Test Set)
Edlund / NEC Press - 1991/1992

Notes:  Cards #1-32 show a copyright date of 1991, while cards A-D sport a 
1992 date. Cards #1-16 are on different stock from the other cards, and are 
printed in black and white and red; cards #A-D are full color; and cards #17-32 
are black, white, and red and mostly blue. Thanks much to Michael Jones for 
the checklist!

No.   Title

  1   The Tick
  2   Piano Pianissimo
  3   Oedipus
  4   Arthur
  5   Moon Marathon
  6   Microbe Adventure
  7   The Tick's Battle Cry!
  8   Paul the Samurai
  9   Ninjas
 10   Clown Colossus!
 11   Sharp Conflict
 12   Prophecy of Perill
 13   The Red Scare
 14   The Man-Eating Cow
 15   Miniscule Menacel
 16   Sagin the Wolf
 17   Spellbound
 18   Clark Oppenheimer
 19   Itch In Istanbul!
 20   Increbible Invention!
 21   Undisguised!
 22   Sinister Spillage!
 23   In Borneo Reborn!
 24   The Chainsaw Vigilante
 25   Stonehenged!
 26   Chairface Chippendale
 27   Voo Doo Vixen!
 28   Touchdown Tick!
 29   The Running Guy
 30   Dire Darkness!
 31   Food's Fear!
 32   Angus MacGuire

 A    Checklist (Tick symbol in gold foil; signed by Ben Edlund in gold ink)
 B    The Mighty Agrippa
 C    Thrakkorzog
 D    Right's Might!

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