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Tiny Toon Adventures
Cardz - 1994

Notes:  Titles for subset cards are shown on the printed checklist, not on the cards
themselves. The stand-up cards do not show a number on the card, but are identified
with the shown numbers on the checklist. A common set may or may not include the
stand-ups. A set with the same name was issued by Topps in 1991.  Thanks much
to Alan Phillips for the original checklist!

No.     Title                         Subset

  1     Buster Bunny
  2     Babs Bunny
  3     Sweetie
  4     Montana Max
  5     Shirley The Loon
  6     Fifi
  7     Dizzy Devil
  8     Furrball
  9     Elmyra
 10     Hamton
 11     Plucky Duck
 12     Bookworm
 13     Gogo Dodo
 14     Little Beeper
 15     Calamity Coyote
 16     Concord Condor
 17     Sneezer
 18     Animation Class               Animaniacs
 19     Animation Emergency           Animaniacs
 20     Cel Painting                  Animaniacs
 21     Dizzy Draws                   Animaniacs
 22     Pen and Ink                   Animaniacs
 23     Plucky Panics                 Animaniacs
 24     The Winner                    Hollywood Plucky
 25     Hollywood Bound               Hollywood Plucky
 26     Plucky in Cement              Hollywood Plucky
 27     Hamton the Valet              Hollywood Plucky
 28     Plucky in Disguise            Hollywood Plucky
 29     The Plucky Duck Story         Hollywood Plucky
 30     Babs Wonders                  Fields of Honey
 31     Where is Honey?               Fields of Honey
 32     The Search                    Fields of Honey
 33     TV Blitz                      Fields of Honey
 34     Honey is Funny                Fields of Honey
 35     Honey and Bosco               Fields of Honey
 36     Wheel 'O Comedy               Wheel 'O Comedy
 37     Elmyra's Puppy                Wheel 'O Comedy
 38     Dizzy Dizzy                   Wheel 'O Comedy
 39     Furrball in 3-D               Wheel 'O Comedy
 40     Cheating Monty                Wheel 'O Comedy
 41     Kerpluie                      Wheel 'O Comedy
 42     Cartoon Snooze                Her Wacky Highness
 43     Caught in the Act             Her Wacky Highness
 44     Wackyland Commercial          Her Wacky Highness
 45     Looking for Babs              Her Wacky Highness
 46     Queen of Wackyland            Her Wacky Highness
 47     Escape                        Her Wacky Highness
 48     Checklist (Hamton & Plucky)
 49     Checklist (Dizzy)
 50     Checklist (Babs & Plucky)

   Stand-Up Cards

(51)    Babs Bunny
(52)    Buster Bunny
(53)    Dizzy Devil
(54)    Elmyra
(55)    Fifi
(56)    Furrball
(57)    Gogo Dodo
(58)    Hamton
(59)    Montana Max
(60)    Plucky


Tekchrome Cards (1:18 packs)


Card Album (sold separately)

 --     (Binder)
 --     (Seven 9-pocket pages)


P1    (Hollywood Plucky)
P2    (Babs & Buster Wheel O' Comedy)
P3    (Dizzy Devil)

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