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Tiny Toon Adventures
Topps - 1991

Notes:  A set with the same name was issued by Cardz in 1994.  Each sticker has two
different backs; you cannot complete the puzzle with a non-variation set of 11 stickers.

Box: 60 packs of 5 cards + 1 sticker.
Common sets: approx. 3.90 per box if collation were perfect.
Sticker sets (22 count): approx. 2.73.

No.   Title

  1   Tiny Toon Adventures
  2   Buster Bunny
  3   Babs Bunny
  4   Plucky Duck
  5   Hamton
  6   Dizzy Devil
  7   Montana Max
  8   Fifi
  9   Elmyra
 10   Sweetie
 11   Furrball
 12   Gogo Dodo
 13   Calamity Coyote
 14   Little Beeper
 15   Shirley the Loon
 16   Sneezer
 17   Concord Condor
 18   Bookworm
 19   School's Out!
 20   Wackyland or Bust!
 21   Surf's Up!
 22   A Multi-Flavored Romance!
 23   Hit the Ice!
 24   Duck A-Muck!
 25   Dancin' in the Rain!
 26   TV or Not TV!
 27   Hamton Meets His Match!
 28   A "Tiny Toon Adventures" Classic!
 29   "Citizen Max"
 30   The last Word: "Acme!"
 31   News on the March!
 32   Montana Max--Expelled!!
 33   Empire of Montana Max
 34   "We Need an Angle..."
 35   Investigating Montana Max
 36   "I Remember Montana Max..."
 37   A Pair of Poor Pals
 38   A Surprise
 39   Unstoppable Montana Max
 40   Food for Thought
 41   "Acme? Never Heard of It!"
 42   A Looney Education
 43   The Plucky Interview
 44   Plucky Duck for Hire!
 45   Buster Wows 'Em!
 46   Campaign Con Job!
 47   Plucky Streak!
 48   Moneybags Montana Max!
 49   Media Blitz!
 50   No Escape from Montana Max!
 51   The Great Debate
 52   Lunch Scheme!
 53   A Dizzy Delight!
 54   Master Mudslinger!
 55   Tracking the Race
 56   Ahead in the Polls!
 57   Buster Bunny ...Framed!
 58   Buster's Fall from Grace
 59   "Now It's Personal!"
 60   Elmyra's Story
 61   Plucky to the Rescue!
 62   Exposing the Creep!
 63   Freezing the Frame-Up!
 64   Montana's Big Day
 65   Babs in Disguise
 66   Something's Fishy!
 67   A Blast from Babs
 68   Triumph ... or Travesty!
 69   The Truth Hurts!
 70   The hero Is a Heel!
 71   Tomato Salesman Plucky!
 72   Monty Is Clobbered!
 73   The Acme Mystery Solved!
 74   What Montana Max Really Lost ...
 75   "Not Acme ... Acne!!"
 76   "Now He Tells Me!"
 77   With Apologies to Orson

Stickers                              Back Variation

  1  Tiny Toon Adventures              Completed puzzle
     Tiny Toon Adventures              Puzzle corner
  2  Buster Bunny                      Puzzle corner
     Buster Bunny                      Puzzle edge
  3  Babs Bunny                        Puzzle "Adve"
     Babs Bunny                        Puzzle "Tiny"
  4  Plucky Duck                       Puzzle "Adve"
     Plucky Duck                       Puzzle characters
  5  Hamton                            Puzzle corner
     Hamton                            Puzzle edge
  6  Dizzy Devil                       Completed puzzle
     Dizzy Devil                       Puzzle corner
  7  Montana Max                       Puzzle corner
     Montana Max                       Puzzle edge
  8  Fifi                              Puzzle "ntures"
     Fifi                              Puzzle "Toon"
  9  Elmyra                            Puzzle "ntures"
     Elmyra                            Puzzle characters
 10  Sweetie                           Puzzle corner
     Sweetie                           Puzzle edge
 11  Calamity Coyote - Little Beeper   Copyright corner
     Calamity Coyote - Little Beeper   No copyright corner

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