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Titan A.E.
Inkworks - 2000

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets: Approx. 3.13 if collation were perfect.

No.   Title

  1   Titan A.E.
  2   At the Stream
  3   "We Have to Go Now"
  4   Evacuation
  5   Escape to the Stars
  6   Father and Son
  7   Getaway Ship
  8   The Ring
  9   Flight of the Titan
 10   Assault on a World
 11   The Earth Explodes
 12   Space Orphan
 13   At Tau-14
 14   Boy Meets Girl
 15   Lunch Break on Tau-14
 16   Firrikash and Po
 17   In the Bullies' Grip
 18   Unexpected Help
 19   The Plan Revealed
 20   Sam Tucker's Legacy
 21   Drej in the Doorway
 22   "They Want You, Kid"
 23   Anti-Grav Frenzy
 24   Inhuman Invaders
 25   The Great Chase
 26   Frying the Cook
 27   Power of the Drej
 28   Hangar Holocaust
 29   Emergency Escape
 30   Perio of the Pod
 31   Toward the Valkyrie
 32   Medic Bay
 33   Akima's Bedside Manner
 34   The Map
 35   Destination: Sesharrim
 36   The Abandoned City
 37   Surrounded by the Gauol
 38   Danger Alert!
 39   Showing Cale the Way
 40   The Secret Revealed
 41   A Much Needed Lift
 42   Scratch One Cricket!
 43   The Pursuit
 44   Caught in an Energy Field
 45   Prisoners of the Drej
 46   The Massive Mothership
 47   The Drej Queen
 48   Entombed
 49   Rescuing Akima
 50   Korso in Disguise
 51   Slave Trader Dispute
 52   Caged ... But Not for Long
 53   Dodging Drej Soldiers
 54   Beings of Pure Energy
 55   "I've Locked Onto Him, Sir!"
 56   Cale Returns
 57   The Map Changes
 58   Akima's Bedroom
 59   Artifacts of Earth
 60   The Betrayal
 61   "The Human Race Is Finished!"
 62   Companions in Conflict
 63   Escape from Korso
 64   Preed in Hot Pursuit!
 65   Akima ... Wounded!
 66   "We Don't Have a Ship"
 67   "This Thing's a Wreck!"
 68   Prepping for Take-Off
 69   Phoenix Rising
 70   Icy Vista
 71   The Final Stand
 72   Preed Vanquished
 73   Moment of Truth
 74   Titan Creates a Planet
 75   The Dawn of New Earth
 76   Cale
 77   Akima
 78   Korso
 79   Gune
 80   Preed
 81   Stith
 82   Drej Queen
 83   Drej Warrior
 84   Drej Warrior
 85   Titan
 86   Valkyrie
 87   Phoenix
 88   Drej Mothership
 89   Drej Stinger
 90   Titan A.E. [checklist]


Future of Earth Foil Cards (1:11 packs)

 C1   The Last Great Hope
 C2   More than Animation
 C3   Breakthrough FX
 C4   Spectacular Prologue
 C5   What a Cast!
 C6   Ingenious Designs
 C7   Conceiving a Cosmos
 C8   Characters to Root for
 C9   What's Next for Titan A.E.?

Die-Cut Cards (1:17 packs)

CC1   Cale: The Last Great Hope
CC2   Akima: No Place Like Home
CC3   Korso: A Conflicted Hero
CC4   Preed: More than a Wiseacre
CC5   Gune: Friend to the End
CC6   Stith: A Girl Named Stith

Etched-Foil Card (1:108 packs)


Card Album

 --   (Binder)

Uncut Mini-Press Sheet

 --   Future of Earth (9-card panel, C1-C9)


 P1   The future of man is in the cards ...
 P2   (general distribution)
 P3   (Non-Sport Update)
 P4   (Cards Inc., U.K.)
 --   The future of man is in the cards ... (Dealer Sell Sheet, double-sided)

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