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RMS Titanic 1912-2012
Commemorative Trading Card Collection
   Cult-Stuff - 2012

Notes: Originally sold as boxed collections in two varieties, for Hobby and Retail 
sales. Thanks to David Rosciszewski for the update! Further information and scans 
are posted at the Cult-Stuff website.

Hobby Box: 10 sets of base set (30) + 1 premium card. 50 cases total.
Retail Box: 10 sets of base set (30) + 1 premium per 2 sets. 150 cases total.

  No.   Text / Description                                Marking (Hobby Edition)        Marking (Retail Edition)

    1   The Titanic was, at the time of her maiden voy    Hobby Set Ltd Ed [landscape]   Retail Set Ltd Ed [portrait]
    2   The Olympic was the first of the three Olympic
    3   Construction of the Titanic began in dock 401
    4   This image shows the Titanic before the instal
    5   This image shows the Titanic with three of the
    6   This image shows the Titanic just after the pl
    7   The Titanic is shown in the Thomas Graving doc
    8   On April 10th 1912 the Titanic left Southampto
    9   This detailed photo of the Titanic's stern sho
   10   The Titanic was 882 ft. 9 inches long and cons
   11   Not only did the Titanic go through 14,000 gal
   12   The ship went down at 2:20 a.m. on the 15th of
   13   The Titanic and Olympic were the largest, and
   14   Many of the advertisements created for the Whi
   15   Many of the images attributed to the Titanic a
   16   The poster on the front of this card shows an
   17   This image shows the original advertisement fr
   18   This is the Thompson Graving Dock in 2012. In
   19   This painting by Stuart Williamson depicts the
   20   This image is from a vintage postcard created
   21   This image shows lifeboat 6 as it approaches t
   22   The image of the Titanic's bow is haunting as
   23   This image shows you what remains of the very
   24   The boot is a stark reminder that the Titanic
   25   This eerie photo was taken during the National
   26   The Titanic had three anchors, with this card
   27   This iconic photo was taken the day after the     Hobby Set Ltd Ed               Retail Set Ltd Ed


3-Card Chase Set (randomly inserted)

  TP1   This photo shows Lord William J. Pirrie (left)
  TP2   Thomas Andrews was one of three ship designers
  TP3   Violet Jessop had an extraordinary connection

Hobby Version Canvas Cards

    1   (poster top left)
    2   (poster top right)
    3   (poster bottom left)
    4   (poster bottom right)

Hobby Canvas Case-Topper Card

  --    (completed puzzle)

Retail Version Canvas Cards

    1   (poster top left)
    2   (poster top middle)
    3   (poster top right)
    4   (poster center left)
    5   (poster center)
    6   (poster center right)
    7   (poster bottom left)
    8   (poster bottom middle)
    9   (poster bottom right)

Retail Canvas Case-Topper Card

  --    (completed poster)

Artist Sketch Cards

  TS1   Jim Canady
  TS1   Carolyn Edwards
  TS1   Jim Ferguson
  TS1   Dan Gorman
  TS1   Patrick Hamill
  TS1   Jesse Hughes
  TS1   Laura Inglis
  TS1   Don Pedecini, Jr.
  TS1   Adam Talley
  TS1   Wu Wei
  TS1   Joshua Werner

Artifact Cards

  TA1   Green Baize fragment taken as a souvenir by a
  TA1   Coal retrieved from the wreck site on one of t
  TA1   Red thread from the role-end of fabric used to
  TA1   White thread from the changeover curtains sold
  TA1   (information card; 50 made)
  --    Sister Ships (wood from Titanic and Olympic; limited to 20)
  --    (Sister Ships information card; 50 made)
 RMS O  wood from RMS Olympic staircase
 RMS O  (information card; 50 made)
  --    (wood) The Cable Ship Minia was one of the res
  --    (Minia information card; 50 made)
  TCC   (Canada stamp; left half)
  TCC   (Canada stamp; right half)
  TCC   (information card)

Reproduction Mini-Cards (3-1/4" x 1-1/2")

  --    "Largest Steamer in the World"


  BP1   (blue)
  P1    (red)
  Test  "This mock up sample card ..." (Canvas; 10 made; some reached aftermarket)

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©2012, 2013 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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