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Titanic Collector Cards
Dart FlipCards - 1998

Note:  This is the historical series, not the movie set.

No.    Title

  1    Memorable Maritime Catastrophe
  2    Thomas Andrews
  3    Bruce Ismay
  4    Blueprints
  5    The Gantry
  6    Titanic Takes Shape
  7    Installing the Propeller
  8    Titanic Entering Water
  9    Launching the Titanic
 10    Outfitting the Titanic
 11    Sister Ships Meet
 12    Seaworthy
 13    1st Class Verandah Cafe
 14    "A la Carte" Restaurant
 15    1st Class Lounge
 16    Grand Staircase
 17    Smoking Room
 18    The Gym
 19    1st Class Stateroom
 20    Dare To Compare
 21    Original Postcard
 22    The Olympic
 23    White Star Office
 24    Titanic Officers
 25    Arriving at Southampton
 26    Near Miss
 27    "Nomadic" Tender
 28    The French Terminal
 29    "Ireland" Tender
 30    Captain Smith & Purser McElroy
 31    Queenstown Harbour
 32    Ship at Sea
 33    Titanic Luxury Soap
 34    Thomas Pears
 35    Macy's Founders, "The Straus"
 36    John Jacob Astor
 37    Eva Hart
 38    Titanic's Dimensions
 39    Life on Board
 40    The Californian
 41    S.S. Parisian Iceberg Warnings
 42    The Baltic
 43    Among the Icebergs
 44    Titanic Hits the Iceberg
 45    Farewell My Love
 46    The Last Rocket
 47    Doomed Ship
 48    Lifeboats Look Back
 49    Passengers Evacuate
 50    Final Moments
 51    The Carpathia
 52    Titanic Lifeboats
 53    Ship of Widows
 54    Treasured Silk Card
 55    Iceberg
 56    Message in a Bottle
 57    Titanic News
 58    "Titanic Orphans"
 59    Molly Brown
 60    Quartermaster's Pride
 61    Surviving Officers
 62    Waiting for News
 63    Mackay Bennett's Grim Return
 64    Retrieving the Bodies
 65    Nearer My God to Thee
 66    Bandmaster's Funeral
 67    Titanic Grave Site
 68    Lifejacket
 69    Titanic Artifacts
 70    Eerie Ocean Depths
 71    Titanic Wreck
 72    Checklist


White Star Gold Foil Die-Cut Cards (1:18 packs)

DC-1   The Titanic
DC-2   The Olympic
DC-3   The Brittanic
DC-4   J. P. Morgan
DC-5   Frederick William Vanderbilt
DC-6   Milton Hershey

Autographed Cards

 --    Millvina Dean  (1:246 packs)
 --    Ralph White  (1:246 packs)

Card Album and Bonus Cards (sold separately)

 --    (Binder)
   1   The Smoking Room
   2   The Grand Staircase
   3   Ocean Dock, Southampton
   4   Boat Deck of the Titanic

Jumbo Lenticular Card (sold separately)

 --    (lenticular card)


 P1    Titanic Promo (Ship view, Philly Non-Sports Show)
 P2    Titanic Disaster (Philly Non-Sports Show)
 P3    White Star Line (Philly Non-Sports Show)
 P1    (UK)
 P2    (UK)
 P3    (UK)
 P1    (Toronto Sportscards Expo)
 P2    (Toronto Sportscards Expo)
 P3    (Toronto Sportscards Expo)
 P1    (Montreal Show)
 P2    (Montreal Show)
 P3    (Montreal Show)
 --    Tom Breyer, Dino Frasette (Autographed Sell Sheet)
 --    (Dealer Sell Sheet, not autographed)

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