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Titanic [Movie]
Inkworks - 1998

Notes:  The set was issued only as a factory set in a simulated "steamer
trunk," limited to 10,000 sets, individually numbered.  Thanks much to
Jerry Wood for the original checklist!

No.   Card Text

  1   The unsinkable Titanic has twice made history
  2   Rose (Gloria Stuart), examines items recovered
  3   Rose Dewitt Bukater (Kate Winslet), a Philadel
  4   "Ladies, better hurry" Cal says impatiently. H
  5   After winning passage on Titanic with a clever
  6   "I intended to save this until the engagement
  7   The day after Jack rescues Rose from her attem
  8   Cal invites Jack to dine with his party after
  9   "Care to escort a lady to dinner?" asks Molly
 10   Jack holds his own at the dinner party as Cal
 11   Jack and Rose steal away to the lower decks to
 12   "Your exertions below deck were no doubt exhau
 13   "You're not to see that boy again," Ruth admon
 14   Jack, despondent over Rose's rejection, stares
 15   Rose asks Jack to sketch her, not like "a porc
 16   Jack and Rose race through the ship with Cal's
 17   After their tryst, Jack and Rose ascend onto t
 18   As word spreads throughout the ship of the dam
 19   Because maritime law did not mandate lifeboat
 20   "Will the boats be seated according to class?"
 21   The water begins gushing onto the top decks of
 22   Cal tricks Rose into getting into a lifeboat.
 23   Knowing that they bring comfort to the panicke
 24   After Titanic sinks, hundreds of passengers fl
 25   James Cameron's "Titanic", starring Leonardo D

 --   Certificate of Authenticity

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