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Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles
Topps Ireland Ltd. - 1990

Note:  This is a 66-card boxed set produced by Topps-Ireland. It includes 66 of the 88
cards from the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles set, with no stickers. However,
the title card mistakenly reports "66 Cards / 11 Stickers."  It seemed kind of silly
that when they cut the card count by 25%, they kept the cards for Donatello, Raphael,
and Leonardo, but removed Michaelangelo's card ... but Ian Hanratty points out
that Mike's weapon of choice, nunchuks, are illegal in the U.K. -- so the omission
is probably related to how the band is renamed "Hero" rather than "Ninja" for
the target market.  (Warning!  The first two boxes I opened were both missing a card
[different], so you might not get a complete set.)

No.   Title

 1    The Epic Begins
 2    Crime City!
 3    "Get April O'Neil!"
 4    Mysterious Rescuer!
 5    Monitoring the Turtles
 6    A Special Wake-Up Call!
 7    The Perfect Host
 8    Pizza for Breakfast!
 9    Framed by a Foe!
10    The Fateful Stumble
11    A Man and His Turtles
12    Metamorphosis
13    Humanoid Turtles!
14    Man-into-Ratman!
15    Splinter's Skill
16    Donatello!
17    Raphael!
18    Leonardo!
19    The Shredder
20    The Master's Plan
21    Underground Heroes!
22    The Ninjas Emerge
23    "Here's Looking at You, Kid!"
24    Ninja Pizza Coming Up!
25    April ... Kidnapped!
26    The Shredder's Evil Gang
27    Time To Fight, Dudes!
28    Turtle Threat
29    Power of the Enemy
30    Zapped!
31    The Rescue of April
32    Trapped By Their Foe!
33    "Water? No Prob!"
34    Unsinkable April
35    Sword of Justice
36    Death-Defying Escape!
37    Turtles Triumphant
38    The Fearless Foursome
39    Rockabye Turtle!
40    Another Day, Another Battle!
41    A Tasty Treat!
42    "Err ... Ahh ... No Thanks!"
43    Technodrome Terror
44    In Cahoots with Krang
45    Diabolical Duo!
46    "What About My Story?!"
47    Jive Turtles!
48    "Sorry About That, April!"
49    New Mutant Henchmen
50    Up from the Depths
51    Rocksteady's Revenge
52    When Mutants Collide!
53    The Long Journey
54    Courage of the Master
55    Snagged By the Shredder
56    "Looks Like Another Trap!"
57    Surrounded!
58    Danger on All Sides!
59    Mechanical Monsters
60    Roused and Riled!
61    His Best Food Forward
62    The Assault Continues
63    A Mean Green Machine!
64    "Next Time, Turtles ...!"
65    "Cowabunga! It's Meal Time!"
66    Savoring Their Reward

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