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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  Topps - 1989
  O-Pee-Chee (Canada) - 1989
  Regina Ltd. (New Zealand) - 1989

Notes:  Also available by mail-in as a factory set of 110 cards and 11 stickers.
(Thanks much to Jerry Wood for the list of the factory-only cards!)  Though
the stickers are usually considered to be part of the basic set, the relative number
of regular cards versus stickers you get will depend heavily on whether yours
came from the small packs (5 cards plus 1 sticker) or jumbo packs (11 cards
plus 1 sticker). 

The O-Pee-Chee set printed in Canada has a lighter color to the cardboard, and 
is marked "99 Cards" instead of "88 Cards - 11 Stickers" like the Topps-U.S. 
series. The Regina edition included only the 88 cards and did not have a mail-in 
factory set. Thanks to Ken Roland, Nick McAvaney, Josh Tawhara, and Brandon 
Fowler for updates!

Box: 48 packs of 5 cards + 1 sticker.
Topps-USA Sets: approx. 2.73 per box if collation were perfect.
Jumbo Box: 24 packs of 11 cards + 1 sticker.
Topps-USA Sets: approx. 2.18 per box (limited by stickers) or 3.12 without stickers.

No.   Title

  1   The Epic Begins
  2   Crime City!
  3   The Art of Crime
  4   "Get April O'Neil!"
  5   Mysterious Rescuer!
  6   Monitoring the Turtles
  7   A Special Wake-Up Call!
  8   The Perfect Host
  9   Pizza for Breakfast!
 10   The Slice That Satisfies!
 11   Splinter's Crew
 12   It Began in Japan ...
 13   Ninjas in Training
 14   Framed by a Foe!
 15   The Fateful Stumble
 16   A Man and His Turtles
 17   Metamorphosis
 18   Humanoid Turtles!
 19   Man-into-Ratman
 20   Splinter's Skill
 21   Donatello!
 22   Raphael!
 23   Leonardo!
 24   Michaelangelo!
 25   The Shredder
 26   The Master's Plan
 27   Ready for Action!
 28   Underground Heroes!
 29   The Ninjas Emerge
 30   "Turtles? No Way!!"
 31   "Here's Looking at You, Kid!"
 32   Our Kinda Town!
 33   Ninja Pizza Coming Up!
 34   April ... Kidnapped!
 35   The Shredder's Evil Gang
 36   Let's Rock 'n" Roll!
 37   High Flyin' Hero!
 38   Time To Fight, Dudes!
 39   Clobbered!
 40   Turtle Threat
 41   Power of the Enemy
 42   Zapped!
 43   A Narrow Escape!
 44   Tumble That Wall!
 45   The Rescue of April
 46   Trapped By Their Foe!
 47   Making a Splash!
 48   "Water? No Prob!"
 49   Unsinkable April
 50   Sword of Justice
 51   Death-Defying Escape!
 52   Turtles Triumphant
 53   The Fearless Foursome
 54   Rockabye Turtle!
 55   Another Day, Another Battle!
 56   Action-Packed Workout!
 57   Hero in a Half-Shell
 58   A Tasty Treat!
 59   "Err ... Ahh ... No Thanks!"
 60   Technodrome Terror
 61   In Cahoots with Krang
 62   Diabolical Duo!
 63   "What About My Story?!"
 64   Jive Turtles!
 65   "Sorry About That, April!"
 66   Madness at the Zoo!
 67   New Mutant Henchmen
 68   Up from the Depths
 69   Rocksteady's Revenge
 70   When Mutants Collide!
 71   The Long Journey
 72   Courage of the Master
 73   Snagged By the Shredder!
 74   Turtles to the Rescue!
 75   "Looks Like Another Trap!"
 76   Surrounded!
 77   Danger on All Sides!
 78   Mechanical Monsters
 79   Turtle Power!
 80   Roused and Riled!
 81   His Best Food Forward
 82   Smashed to Smithereens!
 83   The Assault Continues
 84   A Mean Green Machine!
 85   The Rage of Krang
 86   "Next Time, Turtles ...!"
 87   "Cowabunga! It's Meal Time!"
 88   Savoring Their Reward

Stickers (Topps Edition)

  1   Raphael
  2   Michaelangelo
  3   Donatello
  4   Leonardo
  5   The Shredder
  6   Splinter
  7   Cowabunga!
  8   Turtle Power!
  9   power skateboard
 10   Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
 11   We're Out to Battle the Forces of Evil ...

Additional Cardsa (O-Pee-Chee Edition)

 89   Raphael
 90   Michaelangelo
 91   Donatello
 92   Leonardo
 93   The Shredder
 94   Splinter
 95   Cowabunga!
 96   Turtle Power!
 97   power skateboard
 98   Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
 99   We're Out to Battle the Forces of Evil ...

Complete Collectors' Edition Bonus Cards (Available only in factory set)

No.   Title                                Source

 A    Yargh                                Cover of TMNT #22
 B    Battle For the Sewers                Cover of TMNT #2
 C    Ambushed by the Shredder             Cover of TMNT #10
 D    Trashing the Transmat                Cover of TMNT #7
 E    Ninja Sunset                         Graphic novel #2
 F    Battle Above the Streets             Cover of TMNT #1
 G    Mouser Attack                        Cover of TMNT #3
 H    Alien Encounter                      Cover of Anything Goes #6
 I    Possessed                            Cover of TMNT #9
 J    The Unmentionables                   Cover of TMNT #14
 K    Stone Sleep                          Cover of TMNT #19
 L    Leap Into Battle                     Graphic novel #4
 M    Leatherhead                          Tales of the TMNT #6
 N    Day of the Dragon                    Cover of TMNT #18
 O    Dream Flight                         Cover of Turtle Soup
 P    Battle in the Arena                  Cover of TMNT #6
 Q    Barroom Brawl                        Cover of TMNT #5
 R    Walk on the Wild Side                Graphic novel #1
 S    Galactic Conflict                    Cover of TMNT #3
 T    Warrior Woman From Beyond the Stars  Cover of TMNT #13
 U    Brothers Under the Shell             from TMNT Portfolio
 V    Night of the White Ninja             Cover of Palladium Books' Role Playing Game

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