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Top Pilot - Promo Cards
Top Pilot - 1993-2000

Notes:  Cards are marked "Top Pilot Promo Card #" and also numbered P1, P2, 
etc., more recently augmented by "Collectors Choice" promos. The P10 card was 
originally issued with a printing error; about 500 were distributed before they 
were recalled and replaced by the corrected version. Many thanks to Tom 
Tyczkowski and Todd  Jordan for the original checklist information and to 
John Oder for the update!

No.   Title                             Year

P1    YF-22                             1993 (3000 made)
P2    A-10A Thunderbolt II              1993 (3000 made)
P3    A-7E Corsair II                   1993 (3000 made)
P4    MCAS El Toro History              1993 (3000 made)
P5    Andrews Air Force Base History    1993 (6000 made)
P6    YF-23                             1993 (6000 made)
P7    U-2R                              1994 (3000 made)
P8    Doolittle Raid Enactment          1994 (3000 made)
P9    F-16A / F-117A / YF-22 Squadron   1994 (3000 made)
P10   XP-39A Airacomet                  1994 (3000 made; error)
P10   XP-59A Airacomet                  1995 (1500 made; corrected)
P11   V-1 Flying Bomb                   1995 (3000 made)
P12   B-52G Stratofortress              1996 (3000 made)
P13   F-4B Phantom II                   1996 (3000 made)
P14   Hail & Farewell MCAS El Toro      1997 (1500 made)

VARIATION PROMOS (direct distribution)

P3L   A-7E Corsair II                   1993 (2000 made)
P4L   MCAS El Toro History              1993 (2000 made)
P7L   U-2R                              1994 (1000 made)
P10L  XP-39A Airacomet                  1994 (1000 made; error)
P11L  V-1 Flying Bomb                   1995 (1000 made)
P12L  B-52G Stratofortress              1996 ( 500 made)
P13L  F-4B Phantom II                   1996 ( 500 made)


C-1   X-1A                              2000 (3000 made)
C-1L  X-1A                              2000 ( 500 made)

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