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Top Pilot 10 - SR-71 Blackbird Edition
Top Pilot - 1993

Notes:  The regular Top Pilot sets were issued with continuous numbering, but also 
were issued as renumbered Limited Edition sets.  Unlike the regular cards, the
Limited Editions are packaged in a collector's case; card backs are a different color
from the regular card backs and are marked "Limited Edition;" and the checklist
card is signed and serial-numbered.  Cards feature full-color photographs on the 
fronts, with statistics and descriptive text on backs.  Many thanks to Tom 
Tyczkowski for the checklist!

No.   Title

126   Blackbird History
127   Blackbird History (continued)
128   Blackbird Family Chronology
128   SR-71A and YF-12 Specifications
130   SR-71A Design Features
131   SR-71A World Record Flights
132   Covercard / Checklist


  1   Blackbird History
  2   Blackbird History (continued)
  3   Blackbird Family Chronology
  4   SR-71A and YF-12 Specifications
  5   SR-71A Design Features
  6   SR-71A World Record Flights
  7   Covercard / Checklist

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