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Top Cow Universe
Dynamic Forces - 2002

Notes:  Thanks much to Simon Bedford and Ray Tucker for updates! Additional 
information and scans might still be available at the Dynamic Forces website.

Box: 36 packs of 7 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.43 per box if collation were perfect.

  No.    Card Text / Title                                 Artist / Character


    1    The Top Cow Universe Trading Cards
    2    A Universe begins to unfold as Thomas Judge jo    Clayton Crain
    3    A powerful force beyond recognition and as old    David Finch
    4    The Darkness makes his grand return in a somew    Clayton Crain
    5    A loyal servant of the cloth, Tom was a respec    Marc Silvestri
    6    Very little is known about the mysterious Mist    Clayton Crain
    7    Something wells up inside me - an unutterable     Dale Keown
    8    "To have hope in hell - that is the means to e    Clayton Crain
    9    "I begin to sense it - a repulsive anger that     Clayton Crain


   10    Growing up, Sara Pezzini always knew she wante    Michael Turner
   11    Born with fighting spirit, detective Pezzini d    Michael Turner
   12    Aside from being a super-powered weapon of des    Randy Green
   13    The workday of a detective is never dull, that    Joe Benitez
   14    Ian Nottingham, one of the most enigmatic peop    Randy Green
   15    Death has become an all too familiar companion    Keu Cha
   16    "When I was a little girl I wished I had the p    Keu Cha
   17    "You couldn't control the Witchblade with only    Marc Silvestri
   18    "You figure you got everything under control.     Brian Ching

   19    A warrior assassin born and bread, Ian Notting    
   20    Shrouded in mystery, Nottingham could quite po    Michael Turner
   21    Everyone has played the fool at one time or an    Michael Turner
   22    Nottingham has been both an ally and foe to de    Michael Turner
   23    An unwilling pawn in a vicious battle, Notting    Michael Turner
   24    Man against machine. A contest of two very dif    Randy Green
   25    "You don't need to be afraid. You are transfor    Michael Turner
   26    "How quickly you forget who I am! I am not you    Michael Turner
   27    "But there was one moment of clarity the first    Michael Turner


   28    The eternal enemy to the wielder of the Darkne    Joe Benitez
   29    As a being created by the Darkness, the Angelu    Marc Silvestri
   30    As many Darkness bearers have found out, the A    Marc Silvestri
   31    Jackie may be new to the Darkness power but ce    Marc Silvestri
   32    Granted the Angelus has be opposing the Darkne    Joe Benitez
   33    Selective of her fights, the Angelus has fough    Marc Silvestri
   34    "I loved her. You killed her. I will face you     Joe Benitez
   35    "In this, the moment of my rebirth, I shall ha    Marc Silvestri
   36    "That's the irony of all this that if it weren    Marc Silvestri

The Darkness

   37    Passed down from one generation to the next, m    Francis Manapul
   38    All too familiar with violence and death, Jack    Marc Silvestri
   39    The Darkness may be one of the most powerful f    Joe Benitez
   40    Founded centuries ago, the Brotherhood of Dark    Marc Silvestri
   41    A battle throughout the history of time, The D    David Finch
   42    Taking down vicious thugs and rival hitmen was    Dale Keown
   43    "It's welcome to cut my goddamn head off, if t    Marc Silvestri
   44    "Let her come. I'll have learnt a new trick or    Marc Silvestri
   45    "All gone in a blinding flash. All with the fe    Talent Caldwell

The Magdalena

   46    Blessed guardian of the church, the Magdalena     Drew Johnson
   47    Every generation, a Magdalena has been there t    Joe Benitez
   48    Armies of men have fallen in battle trying to     Joe Benitez
   49    Deemed a threat of the church and harbinger of    Joe Benitez
   50    While venturing to retrieve the holy Spear of     Brian Ching
   51    The Magdalena has always clashed with the forc    Joe Benitez
   52    "I am holy retribution! I am the angry hand of    Michael Turner
   53    "In my experience, the greatest evils are the     Joe Benitez
   54    "They won't hurt me. I'm the Magdalena. Go in     

Aphrodite IX

   55    She's one of the most dangerous mercenaries in    David Finch
   56    A near perfect design of human creation, Aphro    Michael Turner
   57    Dealing with the inability to keep or recollec    Marc Silvestri
   58    Hunted for reasons unknown to her, Aphrodite I    David Finch
   59    Burch may not be a very trustworthy companion,    David Finch
   60    Aphrodite isn't the only one with synthetic pa    David Finch
   61    "Well, if I'm still dreaming, I at least hope     Matt Busch
   62    "I'm Aphrodite IX... a superior synthetic huma    David Finch
   63    "Whoever I was, whatever I've done, the knowle    David Finch

Inferno: Hellbound

   64    A gateway unlike any other. Crafted with the m    Marc Silvestri
   65    A very simple warning with a very straightforw    Billy Tan
   66    Recovering the key is all that matters now. In    Dwayne Turner
   67    It's an easy premise to understand, only those    Billy Tan
   68    Sentenced for life. That seems to be the book     Dwayne Turner
   69    From what they tell me, no one has actually ev    Marc Silvestri
   70    "I gotta tell ya that this isn't exactly what     Marc Silvestri
   71    "And when you get back here I expect to see yo    Marc Silvestri

   72    Top Cow Universe Trading Cards Checklist


Chrome Cards (1:16 packs)

   C1                                                      Witchblade
   C2                                                      The Darkness
   C3                                                      The Magdalena
   C4                                                      Nottingham
   C5                                                      Aphrodite IX
   C6                                                      Aphrodite IX

Autograph Cards (1:18 packs, 699 of each signed)

1 of 9   Livesay                                           Angelus
2 of 9   David Wohl                                        Aphrodite IX
3 of 9   Matt Banning                                      Inferno Hellbound
4 of 9   Peter Steigerwald                                 The Magdalena
5 of 9   Randy Green [black or blue ink]                   Nottingham
6 of 9   Talent Caldwell [black or silver ink]             The Darkness
7 of 9   Steve Firchow                                     Universe
8 of 9   JD Smith [black or blue ink]                      Aphrodite IX
9 of 9   Matt Busch                                        Aphrodite IX

Sketch Cards (1:36 packs)

   --    Patrick Blaine (numbered to 700)                  The Magdalena
   --    Matt Busch (numbered to 300)                      Aphrodite IX
   --    Talent Caldwell (numbered to 350)                 (various)
   --    Dan Parsons (numbered to 500)                     The Darkness

Patriotic Box Loaders (Special Boxes; arranged by J. Michael Straczynski)

1 of 5   Dedicated to America's Heroes (Patriot viewing right)
2 of 5   Dedicated to America's Heroes (Patriot face, looking upward)
3 of 5   Dedicated to America's Heroes (Patriot face, looking forward)
4 of 5   Dedicated to America's Heroes (Patriot with shields)
5 of 5   Dedicated to America's Heroes (Patriot)

Uncut Press Sheet (sold separately)

   --    (6-up Chromium panel)

Card Album (sold separately)

   --    Top Cow Universe Trading Cards (Binder)
   --    (Eleven 9-pocket pages)
   --    Mark Silvestri (exclusive autograph, numbered to 500)

Artist Proof Sketch Cards (sold separately)

   --    Patrick Blaine (numbered to 99)


   --    Coming Winter 2001
   --    (Dealer sell sheet)

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