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Top Pilot - Warbirds Edition
Top Pilot - 1990

Notes:  The regular Top Pilot sets were issued with continuous numbering, but also 
were issued as renumbered Limited Edition sets.  Unlike the regular cards, the
Limited Editions are packaged in a collector's case; card backs are a different color
from the regular card backs and are marked "Limited Edition;" and the checklist
card is signed and serial-numbered.  Cards feature full-color photographs on the 
fronts, with statistics and descriptive text on backs.  Many thanks to Tom 
Tyczkowski for the update on the L.E. cards!

No.   Title

 18   A-20A Havoc
 19   A-26B Invader
 20   B-17G Flying Fortress
 21   B-24J Liberator
 22   B-25J Mitchell
 23   B-26G Marauder
 24   B-29 Superfortress
 25   F2A-3 Buffalo I
 26   F4F-4 Wildcat
 27   F6F-3 Hellcat
 28   FG-1D Corsair
 29   P-38J Lightning
 30   P-39D Airacobra
 31   P-40E Warhawk
 32   P-47D Thunderbolt
 33   P-51D Mustang
 34   P-61B Black Widow
 35   PBY-5A Catalina
 36   SB2C-3 Helldiver
 37   SBD-2 Dauntless
 38   TBD-1 Devastator
 39   TBF-1 Avenger
 40   D.H. 98B.35 Mosquito
 41   Hurricane Mark 1
 42   Spitfire Mark XIV
 43   Bf. 109E Messerschmitt
 44   Fw. 190D-9 focke-Wulf
 45   Me. 262A-1a Swallow
 46   A6M5 Zero
 47   D3A2 Val
 48   Cover Card / Warbirds Edition Checklist


No.   Title

  1   A-20A Havoc
  2   A-26B Invader
  3   B-17G Flying Fortress
  4   B-24J Liberator
  5   B-25J Mitchell
  6   B-26G Marauder
  7   B-29 Superfortress
  8   F2A-3 Buffalo I
  9   F4F-4 Wildcat
 10   F6F-3 Hellcat
 11   FG-1D Corsair
 12   P-38J Lightning
 13  P-39D Airacobra
 14   P-40E Warhawk
 15   P-47D Thunderbolt
 16   P-51D Mustang
 17   P-61B Black Widow
 18   PBY-5A Catalina
 19   SB2C-3 Helldiver
 20   SBD-2 Dauntless
 21   TBD-1 Devastator
 22   TBF-1 Avenger
 23   D.H. 98B.35 Mosquito
 24   Hurricane Mark 1
 25   Spitfire Mark XIV
 26   Bf. 109E Messerschmitt
 27   Fw. 190D-9 focke-Wulf
 28   Me. 262A-1a Swallow
 29   A6M5 Zero
 30   D3A2 Val
 31   Cover Card / Warbirds Edition Checklist

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