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Total Recall
Pacific - 1990

Note:  Distributed as boxed "limited edition" set. Thanks much to Genny
Carr for the original checklist and to Michael Kartchner for the list of extras!!

No.   Title

  1   Get Ready For the Ride of Your Life.
  2   Mars Red Rocket Desert
  3   The Dream
  4   Quaid Wakes Up
  5   Doug Quaid - Construction Worker
  6   Trouble on Mars
  7   "Move to Mars"
  8   "The War Effort Depends on Mars"
  9   Off to Work
 10   A Dream Vacation from Rekall Incorporated
 11   Construction Site
 12   "RekallRekallRekall"
 13   Rekall Building
 14   "What about a trip to Saturn?" "No, I Said Mars!"
 15   First Class Memories
 16   Quaid ... Secret Agent?
 17   Rekall memory Studio
 18   Something's Wrong!
 19   The Cover Up at Rekall
 20   "We've Never Heard of Douglas Quaid"
 21   "How Was Your Trip to Mars?"
 22   "You Blabbed About Mars!"
 23   Quaid Escapes
 24   "I Got a Trip to Mars!"
 25   "I'm Not Your Wife!"
 26   "If I'm Not Me Who Am I?"
 27   Lori's an Agent?
 28   The Escalator Shootout
 29   Experience Space Travel
 30   "In an hour he could have Total Recall"
 31   "They've Got You Bugged"
 32   Quaid Meets Stevens
 33   "We Hope You Enjoyed the Ride"
 34   What is in the Suitcase?
 35   "You're Not You. You're Me."
 36   Who is Hauser?
 37   "Get Rid of That Bug in your Head"
 38   "Get Yourself to Mars"
 39   Richter's Too Late; Quaid is Off to Mars
 40   Mars Space Port
 41   The Fat Lady
 42   "It's Quaid"
 43   On The Martian Subway
 44   The Mars Pyramid Mine
 45   Cohaagen's Headquarters
 46   Quaid Arrives at the Hilton Hotel.
 47   Quaid Meets Benny
 48   Venusville Plaza
 49   Madame Fatima's Daughter
 50   The Last Resort
 51   "Hauser?"
 52   "Melina, I Don't Remember You!"
 53   Melina Turns on Quaid
 54   Cohaagen Delivers a Speech
 55   (Dr. Edgemar. From Rekall.)
 56   "Oh, I get it; I'm dreaming!"
 57   "You paid to be a secret agent"
 58   "It's All a Dream?"
 59   "I'm still at Rekall?"
 60   Return to Reality?
 61   Quaid is torn with doubt.
 62   Dr. Edegemar Dies
 63   Quaid is Captured
 64   Melina to the Rescue
 65   The Chase
 66   The Crash
 67   Quaid and Melina Escape at the Last Resort
 68   The Shootout
 69   The Call from Cohaagen
 70   The air on Mars stops
 71   The Catacombs of Mars
 72   Mutant Lieutenant
 73   Benny
 74   Mars Rebel Headquarters
 75   "It's up to Kuato"
 76   Quaid meets Kuato
 77   The Mutant - Rebel Leader
 78   Quaid Hypnotized
 79   The Reactor Cavern
 80   The Rebel Headquarters is Attacked
 81   Benny the Villain
 82   Kuato Dies
 83   "So This Is the Great Man"
 84   Hauser Volunteered?
 85   "Too Perfect!"
 86   The Holovision
 87   Cohaagen's implant lab
 88   Suffocating in Venusville
 89   Re-programming
 90   Quaid breaks loose
 91   "Let's get out of here!"
 92   The Elevator Fight
 93   "Let's Get to the Reactor"
 94   The Mole
 95   The Alien Reactor
 96   Oxygen for Mars
 97   Time is running out
 98   "Quaid's got a hologram"
 99   Richter's Death
100   Reactor core/control room
101   "I am Quaid!"
102   Instant tornado on Mars
103   Cohaagen Decompresses
104   Pyramid Mountain blows up
105   Mars near death
106   The reactor makes air
107   Mars is saved
108   Was it all a dream?
109   Get ready for the ride of your life
110   Arnold Schwarzenegger as Doug Quaid


 --   Official Mars Rock (not real)
 --   Merchandise Pamphlet
 --   Northwest Interplanetary Space Shuttle Ticket
 --   REKALL Pamphlet
 --   Federal Colony of Mars Money:
        $1.00x2, $2.00x2, $5.00x2, $10.00x2, $20.00x2, $50.00x2, $100.00x2


--    (Test pack)

©2000, 2003 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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