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Total Trash!
Paperback Cover Art of the '40s & '50s
Kitchen Sink - 1992

Note:  Produced as a boxed factory set, and features cover art from "dime novels" of the
period. Cards are slightly oversized, 2-3/4" x 3-3/4".

No.   Story Title - Author                            Card-Back Caption                            Book

  1   "H Is for Heroin" - David Hulburd               A Teen-Age Addict Tells Her Story            Popular Library 495
  2   "The Doll's Trunk Murder" - Helen Reilly        Death Stems from a Lady's Lurid Past         Popular Library 21?
  3   "The Hangman's Whip" - Mignon G. Eberhart       "She's DEAD!"                                Popular Library 293
  4   "Heads Off at Midnight" - Francis Beeding       Three WEIRD Barbers ...                      Popular Library 381
  5   "Campus Town" - Hart Stilwell                   How Did it Feel to BEAT a Woman?             Popular Library 331
  6   "Poison in Jest" - John Dickson Carr            A Murderer WITHOUT a Face                    Popular Library 349
  7   "Madwoman?" - Emily Harvin                      More Deadly Than Murder!                     Avon Pocket-Size Books 276
  8   "Smart Guy" - William MacHarg                   IF IT'S MURDER, CALL O'MALLEY!               Popular Library 340
  9   "Junkie" - William Lee                          Confessions of an Unredeemed Drug Addict     Ace Double Books D-15
 10   "Divorce" - James Warner Bellah                 "I'm in Room 411, Darling!"                  Popular Library 404
 11   "Cottage Sinister" - Q. Patrick                 They Branded Her a KILLER!                   Popular Library 386
 12   "The Dancing Detective" - William Irish         A MAD Rendezvous!                            Popular Library 309
 13   "Six Nights of Mystery" - William Irish         "LAY OFF My Brother!"                        Popular Library 258
 14   "Jailbait" - William Bernard                    SHOCKING BUT TRUE!                           Popular Library 392
 15   "Murder by the Dozen" - Hugh Wiley              KIDNAPPED!                                   Popular Library 325
 16   "Maniac Rendezvous" - Marc Brandel              Wanton Weirdos Abound!(!!)                   Avon Pocket-Size Books 387
 17   "The Damon Runyon Story" - Ed Weiner            Intimate Tales of Broadway's Guys and Gals   Popular Library 220
 18   "Tales of Chinatown" - Sax Rohmer               She was a BEAUTIFUL Barbarian                Popular Library 217
 19   "The Yellow Overcoat" - Frank Gruber            Four Hundred Dollars for a Yellow Overcoat!  Popular Library 188
 20   "The Winds of Fear" - Hodding Carter            He KICKED OPEN the Door!                     Popular Library 300
 21   "Don't Look Behind You" - Samuel Rogers         Don't LOOK Behind You!                       Popular Library 287
 22   "Gang Girl" - Wenzell Brown                     "Rita Might Have Been a Nice Kid...          Avon T-235
 23   "Fright" - George Hopley                        Honeymoon with DEATH!                        Popular Library 424
 24   "The Dreadful Night" - Ben Ames Williams        A Novel of Love, Hate and Death              Popular Library 155
 25   "The Silver Forest" - Ben Ames Williams         "He's Always Got His HANDS on Me!"           Popular Library 215
 26   "My Old Man's Badge" - Ferguson Findley         MURDER is a FAMILY AFFAIR                    Popular Library 324
 27   "The Strangled Witness" - Leslie Ford           A Colonel Primrose Mystery                   Popular Library 158
 28   "Reform School Girl" - Felice Swados            A Tale of Youth Gone Wrong                   Diversey Romance Novel 1
 29   "Death and Taxes" - David Dodge                 Blondes, Pleasure and...DEATH!               Popular Library 168
 30   "The Pink Umbrella Murder" - Frances Crane      "I was Alone with a KILLER!"                 Popular Library 218
 31   "Hooked" - Will Ourster, Laurence Dwight Smith  Documentary Thriller!                        Popular Library 528
 32   "Dangerous Lady" - Octavus Roy Cohen            "I'm a High-Class TRAMP!"                    Popular Library 264
 33   "The Night Before Murder" - Steve Fisher        "Your LIFE is at Stake!"                     Popular Library 317
 34   "Yesterday's Murder" - Craig Rice               She MURDERED Her Lover!                      Popular Library 253
 35   "The Four False Weapons" - John Dickson Carr    Mistress to HALF the Men in Paris            Popular Library 282
 36   "F.O.B. Murder" - Bert and Dolores Kitchens     Curiosity, Suspicion and Murder              PermaBooks M-3051


Uncut Sheet (300 distributed)

 --   (36-card panel)

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