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Toxic High
Topps - 1992

Note: Each "senior sticker" card has four die-cut stickers lettered A, B, C, and D, with
description on the front and name plus text directly opposite on the card back.  The list
below shows the four die-cut stickers for each of those cards.

No.   Title

  1   Toxic High School Symbol [Checklist]
  2   Welcome to Toxic High    [Checklist]
  3   Our Principal
  4   Arno Fleck: R.I.P.
  5   Cleon Jarvis: R.I.P.
  6   Maqrgie Lowin: R.I.P.
  7   Faculty Mailboxes
  8   The Forgotten Locker
  9   The Toilet Overflowed Again.
 10   Test Answers
 11   The Food Fight
 12   A Hallway Romance
 13   School Nurse
 14   Hygiene Class
 15   Career Counselor
 16   School Bus Driver
 17   School Librarian
 18   School Chef
 19   Kitchen Staff
 20   English Class
 21   Shop Class
 22   Science Class
 23   Substitute Teacher Arrives
 24   Art Class
 25   French Class
 26   Photography Class
 27   Music Class
 28   Drivers Ed
 29   Home Ec
 30   Those who ignore History Class ...
 31   Math Class
 32   School Janitor
 33   Science Fair: An Educational Display.
 34   Science Fair: And the winner is ...
 35   Science Fair Losers
 36   Track Team
 37   Basketball Team
 38   Wrestling Team
 39   Our Coach
 40   The Cheerleaders
 41   Football Team
 42   Swim Team
 43   Warren forgot his gym suit ...
 44   Class Trip: Making the museum ...
 45   Class Trip: Why pay for a hot dog?
 46   Class Trip: We love N.Y.
 47   Class Trip: the Rock N' Roll Cafe.
 48   Sr. Prom: That's entertainment!
 49   Sr. Prom: Adding some lunch ...
 50   Sr. Prom: All hail the King/Queen!
 51   Sr. Prom: Warren couldn't get a Real date.
 52   Acne Club
 53   Nose Picking Club
 54   Debate Club
 55   Astronomy Club
 56   Drama Club
 57   Smoking Club
 58   The Party Line Club ...
 59   Oatmeal Club
 60   Toe Nail Clipping Club
 61   Puberty Club
 62   Left Back Club
 63   Goodbye Toxic High Club
 64   Toxic High Senior Class (Class Picture)     Senior Sticker Checklist

Senior Stickers 65-87

65A   Zappy Pigwipe                               Best Handshake
65B   Edison Filament Watts                       Brightest Student
65C   Uvula Moonsnapper                           Most Exotic
65D   Abe "Grand Master" Alvarez                  Most Chosen
66A   Germaine Shepherd                           Teacher's Pet
66B   Jimbo Ignatius Rockaway                     Biggest Non-Entity
66C   Kip "Partygirl" Sluggerman                  Biggest Pumps
66D   Rollo "Two-ply" Dabscott                    Filthiest Mouth
67A   Lindsay "E.T." Peppinger                    UFO Abductee
67B   Joe "Dextrose" Bodolay                      Cutest Smile
67C   Stewie Campbell                             Hottest Bod
67D   Warren Lugnut Cropsey                       Future Headline
68A   "Peeping" Tom Retina                        Most Observant
68B   Jesse "Bacon Fat" King                      Biggest Mama's Boy
68C   Ida "Dixie Cup" Cortez                      Best Sideburns
68D   Drool Friedman                              Sloppiest Kisser
69A   Bradley "Suffolk County" Friend             Cutest Boy
69B   Lottie "Locker Room" Pompeii                Head Cheerleader
69C   Rip Hackerson                               Class Cut-Up
69D   J.D. Furlough                               Future Senator
70A   Alophonse "Swiss" Cheesi                    Gun Club Target
70B   Hy Headmore & "Snuffy"                      Most Two-Faced
70C   Steve Kaufman                               Deepest Thinker
70D   Elvira Plasmatina                           Biggest Drip
71A   Winnie Furlong                              Most Aromatic
71B   Mort Newgarden                              Human Punchline
71C   Buster Debris                               Biggest Party Pooper
71D   Matzohbrina McKenzie                        Biggest Hair
72A   Marcus T. Boogsnorter                       Biggest Snot-Head
72B   Rondo "GQ" Jacobs                           Biggest Flirt
72C   Charmella Globulardsky                      Heaviest Date
72D   Drew "Doodles" Kandinsky                    Most Colorful
73A   Colin Flemdogle                             Future Speedbump
73B   Axel Cyborg                                 Most Mechanically Inclined
73C   Heather "Binky" Chinflicker                 Most Outgoing
73D   Bubba Doughbunny                            Future Doorman
74A   Hyman Roofbanger                            Future Ceiling Licker
74B   Upton Flippo                                Most Unique Perspective
74C   Mureene Keane                               Most Misunderstood
74D   Myron Lovefella                             Class Geek
75A   Vladimir "Devildog" Balzac                  Most Carefree
75B   Shecky Einstein                             Emptiest Desk
75C   Farrah-Ashley Starvelinger                  Future Model
75D   Brad "Icebox" Hart                          All-American
76A   Tarzan Montezuma                            Shortest Temper
76B   Weems Cuddlebuddy                           Future Psychiatrist
76C   Dottie Tumorosa                             Nicest Personality
76D   Charles Burns                               Hottest Guy In Class
77A   Rocky Mariano                               Biggest Wimp
77B   Candice Doily Lovelace                      Most Dangerous Name
77C   Belinda "The Look" Pussbucket               Party Girl
77D   Chic "OTB" Slezak                           Worst Influence
78A   Mojarharito Ponnetomplinski                 Hairiest Palms
78B   Julian Bartholome Darwin                    Missing Link
78C   Jeb "Liverspots" Crutchweiser               Longest Puberty
78D   Salivatina Constapina                       Future Stewardess
79A   Chet Boyardee                               Greatest Hair
79B   Larva-Sue Pigott                            Homecoming Queen
79C   Artie Buttflicker                           Most Lit-Up
79D   Vinnie "Clamhouse" Costanza                 Heaviest Breather
80A   Iris Pupe                                   Most Unnerving Stare
80B   Jean-Raoul Mongoloski                       Future Elevator Man
80C   M.T. Seatte                                 Most Absences
80D   Pyorrhea Plakerson                          Biggest Smile
81A   Noel "Buttercup" Jubilee                    Most Infectious Personality
81B   Glenda Martendale                           Prom Queen
81C   Tiffany-Jasmine Honeysuckle                 Most Pretty Inside
81D   Pancho Spelunker                            Most Self-Absorbed
82A   Daffodil Earthdirt Dylan O'Leary            Future Stockbroker
82B   Sum Dum Shroom                              Most Fungi
82C   Hedda Thorogood                             Most Popular
82D   Bob "The Ghoul" Maggotini                   Dirtiest Mind
83A   Chuck Upton                                 Heartiest Appetite
83B   L.L. Cool Fontleroy                         Best Dressed
83C   Steve Droppings                             Accident of Nature
83D   Sheena McClean                              Most Cool-Headed
84A   Ellington Winthrom Vicious III              President Student Body
84B   Celeste Mooney                              Out Late Every Night
84C   Glenn Martendale                            Prom King
84D   Archie Conan Geekdip                        Most Avid Reader
85A   Federico "Yabba" Dabbadoux                  Most Animated
85B   H.M.R. Block                                Squarest Student
85C   John Sludge Picker                          Future Proctologist
85D   Oriole Creambucket                          Cutest Couple
86A   Verminia Rodentson                          Worst Breath
86B   Ben "Welcome Mat" Brown                     Most Impressionable
86C   Lance Pustule                               Most Squeezable
86D   Rocco Stonehenge                            Heaviest Head
87A   Howard "Slappy" Shempman                    Most Accident Prone
87B   Barbie Q. Ziffle                            Class Squealer
87C   Harry Mopplox                               Worst Eyesight
87D   Tedd "Wrongway" Turner                      Most Confused

 88   Hey Kids! [Poster Offer]

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