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Toxic Babes
   Edition Quasimodo - 1993

Notes: This boxed set was produced in Germany, and features artwork by 
Oliver Wünsch.

No.   Title

  1   Bio-He
  2   Bio-She
  3   Bioforce Total
  4   Rambi
  5   Fashion Zombies
  6   Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be
  7   Bounty Hunters
  8   Psycho Monster
  9   Aracher
 10   Bermuda Triangle
 11   Insectoid
 12   The Reaper's Wife
 13   Hexe
 14   Heidi from Beyond the Alps
 15   Babe from Behind
 16   Cowgirl
 17   Helluva Night
 18   Honey & Lolly

Original Art Card (blank sketch card for mail-in offer)

 --   Original Art by O. Wünsch and S. Hagenow

Plastic Cards

 --   5 Cool Plastic Cards by Oliver Wünsch
 --   Promo Card 1 of 4: Oh Captain, My Captain!
 --   Helluva Night
 --   Promo Card 3 of 4: At Your Service!
 --   Promo Card 4 of 4: Skatebabe

Merchandise Cards

 -   Strange But Lovely Ladies
 --   Toxic Babes "Uncut Sheet"

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