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Toxic Waste Zombies
Mother Productions - 1991

Note:  Distributed as a boxed factory set.  I list the cards in the order shown on
the inserted checklist, though that checklist wasn't perfect and was incomplete.
Cards are "Mother-sized," 2-3/4" x 3-3/4".


  Noxious Eddie
  Big Baby Dewkie
  Dewey Vapors
  Delbert Brewsky
  Toxic Snarffy
  Rat Master Floyd
  Porkly Brothers
  Dynah Cancer
  Dr. Buster Bloodvessel
  Lester Footfester
  Acid Rain Duane
  Prof. Wiggley Cortex
  Eugene Peckerwood
  Capt. Slick and Oily Boyd
  Tex T-Rexaco
  T-Bone Slaughter
  Ray Nukem
  Burnie Furnace
  Lawn Gauger 2000
  Misty Ozone
  Chewy Chokinbreath
  Amos and Arco the Sludge Twins
  Percy the Scumsucker
  Thelonious Stenchmeister
  Harley Death-Head
  John Q. Public
  Corrosive Bob and PeeWee
  Thurston Thirtyweight
  Snappy Hipbone
  Dr. George Fishbone
  Buzz Acres
  Heidi Deadskins
  Snotty Waters
  Sparky Fryman
  Dead Louie Lungchunk
  Pee-Air LaTrien
  Col. Stuffy Carcass
  Chlorine Bleachman
  Armondo the Slasher

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