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Toy Story Series 2  [First Movie]
Fleer/SkyBox - 1996

Note:  Thanks to Philip Brazina and Carlos Aranda-Díaz for the updates!

Box: 48 packs of 6 cards (#1-50) + 2 Finger Puppets (#51-60)
+ 1 Sticker Talk (#61-66) + 2 Make-a-Mutant (#67-74) + 1 product
rebate card.

Common sets: approx. 5.76 per box if collation were perfect; expect
extras of cards #51-74.

  No.    Title / Text                               Subset

    1    Andy catapults his favorite toy, Woody,    Andy's Birthday Party
    2    Worried about what Andy will get for his   Andy's Birthday Party
    3    After opening his presents, Andy and his   Andy's Birthday Party
    4    When Woody needs to get important inform   Green Army Men
    5    Once Andy's Mom is out of sight, the Ser   Green Army Men
    6    The Sergeant turns back and sees an inju   Green Army Men
    7    Once in Pizza Planet, Buzz looks for a w   The Claw Game
    8    Buzz looks around the inside of the mech   The Claw Game
    9    The crane arm of the Claw hovers directl   The Claw Game
   10    The front door of Sid's house opens to r   Scud
   11    Buzz motions for Woody to be quiet and s   Scud
   12    Scud is lying on the porch, napping, whe   Scud
   13    Woody slowly peeks into the open doorway   Tea Party
   14    In a frantic moment, Buzz exclaims to Wo   Tea Party
   15    Discovering that he is a toy, not a fear   Tea Party
   16    "We don't like being blown up, Sid, or s   Mutants Attack Sid
   17    To teach Sid a lesson, the mutant toys s   Mutants Attack Sid
   18    Surrounding Sid, the toys begin to taunt   Mutants Attack Sid
   19    In an attempt to rescue Woody and Buzz,    The Chase
   20    While chasing after the family van carry   The Chase
   21    After Buzz and Woody manage to light the   The Chase
   22    Buzz Lightyear                             Character Cards
   23    Woody                                      Character Cards
   24    Mr. Potato Head                            Character Cards
   25    Rex                                        Character Cards
   26    Hamm                                       Character Cards
   27    Bo Peep                                    Character Cards
   28    Slinky                                     Character Cards
   29    Green Army Men                             Character Cards
   30    Aliens                                     Character Cards
   31    Babyface                                   Mutant Toys
   32    Legs                                       Mutant Toys
   33    Rollerbob                                  Mutant Toys
   34    Mutants in Action                          Mutant Toys
   35    It may surprise you to know that the sce   Back Stage Secrets
   36    It may be hard to imagine, but a typical   Back Stage Secrets
   37    During filming, everything that's being    Back Stage Secrets
   38    The amount of color Pixar's artists used   Back Stage Secrets
   39    To create the general filth in Sid's rem   Back Stage Secrets
   40    Shading is a special computer program wh   Back Stage Secrets
   41    All the computer animated girls in Toy S   Fun Trivia
   42    One of Sid's strangest Mutant Toys is a    Fun Trivia
   43    Oops! Pixar, the computer wizards who cr   Fun Trivia
   44    When Andy's mom puts their house up for    Fun Trivia
   45    Sid must be a big fan of the Home Improv   Fun Trivia
   46    Buzz Lightyear                             Toy Talk
   47    Woody                                      Toy Talk
   48    Green Army Men                             Toy Talk
   49    Aliens                                     Toy Talk
   50    Checklist
   51    Buzz Lightyear                             Finger Puppets
   52    Woody                                      Finger Puppets
   53    Mr. Potato Head                            Finger Puppets
   54    Rex                                        Finger Puppets
   55    Hamm                                       Finger Puppets
   56    Green Army Man                             Finger Puppets
   57    Alien                                      Finger Puppets
   58    Babyface                                   Finger Puppets
   59    Jingle Joe                                 Finger Puppets
   60    Frog                                       Finger Puppets
   61    "Take that Zurg!" "To infinity and beyon   Sticker Talk
   62    "You're a toy!" "Someone's poisoned the    Sticker Talk
   63    "It is the will of the claw!" "Do not fi   Sticker Talk
   64    "I'll have to perform one of my operatio   Sticker Talk
   65    "Where is your honor dirtbag?!" "Execute   Sticker Talk
   66    "I'm going for fearsome, but I just don'   Sticker Talk
   67    BabyFace (head and torso)                  Make-a-Mutant
   68    BabyFace (metal arms)                      Make-a-Mutant
   69    Legs (weapons)                             Make-a-Mutant
   70    Legs (legs)                                Make-a-Mutant
   71    Ducky (head and torso)                     Make-a-Mutant
   72    Ducky (arms)                               Make-a-Mutant
   73    Jingle Joe (head and c-clamp)              Make-a-Mutant
   74    Jingle Joe (spool)                         Make-a-Mutant

   --    Disney's Activity Center Now on CD-ROM!    Rebate Card (Pack Insert)


Color-Me Iron-Ons (1:6 packs)

1 of 6   (Buzz Lightyear)
2 of 6   (Woody)
3 of 6   (Babyface)
4 of 6   (Green Army Man, dropping on parachute)
5 of 6   (Alien, doll from the claw game)
6 of 6   (Rex)

3-D Motion Cards (1:24 packs)

1 of 2   (Woody and Buzz)
2 of 2   (Buzz, flying in Andy's room)

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