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Trading Card Treats
Impel - 1991

Note:  Cards were originally distributed in bags holding 24 three-card cello packs (each
pack was half of one of the "theme" sets).

Title / Text                         Subset

Free-Wheelin' Archie                 Archie
Archie and His Pals                  Archie
Rah Rah Ronnie!                      Archie
Three on a Soda                      Archie
Jughead's Bliss                      Archie
Archie and Betty Make Beautiful      Archie
   Music Together

Car Safety                           Inspector Gadget
How did Inspector Gadget become "    Inspector Gadget
Holy cow! Our hero needs to moooo    Inspector Gadget
Gadget "lends a hand" by letting     Inspector Gadget
Go, Go, Gadget is going, going, g    Inspector Gadget
Is trouble getting ready to snowb    Inspector Gadget

Spider-Man / Traffic Safety          Marvel Super-Heroes
Captain America                      Marvel Super-Heroes
Ghost Rider                          Marvel Super-Heroes
Hulk                                 Marvel Super-Heroes
She-Hulk                             Marvel Super-Heroes
Wolverine                            Marvel Super-Heroes

Super Mario Bros. / Stair Safety     Nintendo
Super Mario Bros.: As Luigi rushes   Nintendo
Super Mario Bros.: Raccoon Mario     Nintendo
Super Mario Bros.: To the delight    Nintendo
Zelda II: In a time when people d    Nintendo
Zelda II: Link and his pixie frie    Nintendo

This is a creature feature           Universal Monsters
Bride of Frankenstein                Universal Monsters
Creature from the Black Lagoon       Universal Monsters
Dracula                              Universal Monsters
The Mummy                            Universal Monsters
The Wolf Man / Night Safety          Universal Monsters

Bicycle Safety                       Widget
Half Pint                            Widget
Interstellar Cop                     Widget
Mega-Brain                           Widget
Mega-Slank                           Widget
Ratchet                              Widget


--   (3-card pack)

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