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Transformers: Dark of the Moon
   Enterplay / Hasbro - 2011

Notes: This is a tough set to complete, with 189 base cards, and collation is poor for 
both base and insert cards.

Box: 48 packs of 12 cards. 12 boxes/case.
Common sets (189): approx. 1.42 per box if collation were perfect (it isn't).

  No.    Title / Description

      Autobots Subset

 AC-01   Optimus Prime
 AC-02   Bumblebee
 AC-03   Ratchet
 AC-04   Ironhide
 AC-05   Sideswipe
 AC-06   Skids & Mudflap
 AC-07   Jetfire
 AC-08   Arcee
 AC-09   Sentinel Prime

      Bumblebee Puzzle Subset

 BB-01   (top left)
 BB-02   (top middle)
 BB-03   (top right)
 BB-04   (center left)
 BB-05   (center)
 BB-06   (center right)
 BB-07   (bottom left)
 BB-08   (bottom middle)
 BB-09   (bottom right)

      Combiners Subset 1: Power Up Optimus Prime

CC1-01   (top left)
CC1-02   (top middle)
CC1-03   (top right)
CC1-04   (center left)
CC1-05   (center)
CC1-06   (center right)
CC1-07   (bottom left)
CC1-08   (bottom middle)
CC1-09   (bottom right)

      Combiners Subset 2: Demolisher & Devastator

CC2-01   (top left)
CC2-02   (top middle)
CC2-03   (top right)
CC2-04   (center left)
CC2-05   (center)
CC2-06   (center right)
CC2-07   (bottom left)
CC2-08   (bottom middle)
CC2-09   (bottom right)

      Combiners Subset 3: Arcee & Sideswipe

CC3-01   (top left)
CC3-02   (top middle)
CC3-03   (top right)
CC3-04   (center left)
CC3-05   (center)
CC3-06   (center right)
CC3-07   (bottom left)
CC3-08   (bottom middle)
CC3-09   (bottom right)

      Combiners Subset 4: Decepticons

CC4-01   (top left)
CC4-02   (top middle)
CC4-03   (top right)
CC4-04   (center left)
CC4-05   (center)
CC4-06   (center right)
CC4-07   (bottom left)
CC4-08   (bottom middle)
CC4-09   (bottom right)

      Combiners Subset 5: Optimus & Sentinel

CC5-01   (top left)
CC5-02   (top middle)
CC5-03   (top right)
CC5-04   (center left)
CC5-05   (center)
CC5-06   (center right)
CC5-07   (bottom left)
CC5-08   (bottom middle)
CC5-09   (bottom right)

      Combiners Subset 6: Autobots

CC6-01   (top left)
CC6-02   (top middle)
CC6-03   (top right)
CC6-04   (center left)
CC6-05   (center)
CC6-06   (center right)
CC6-07   (bottom left)
CC6-08   (bottom middle)
CC6-09   (bottom right)

      Card List Puzzle Subset

 CL-01   (top left)
 CL-02   (top middle)
 CL-03   (top right)
 CL-04   (center left)
 CL-05   (center)
 CL-06   (center right)
 CL-07   (bottom left)
 CL-08   (bottom middle)
 CL-09   (bottom right)

      Decepticons Subset

 DC-01   Megatron
 DC-02   Shockwave
 DC-03   Starscream
 DC-04   Demolishor
 DC-05   Rampage
 DC-06   Devastator
 DC-07   Barricade
 DC-08   Ravage
 DC-09   The Fallen

      Line Art Subset

 LA-01   Otpimus Prime
 LA-02   Bumblebee
 LA-03   Sentinel Prime
 LA-04   Megatron
 LA-05   Shockwave
 LA-06   Starscream

      Megatron Puzzle Subset

 MG-01   (top left)
 MG-02   (top middle)
 MG-03   I Want You for the Decepticons
 MG-04   (center left)
 MG-05   (center)
 MG-06   (center right)
 MG-07   (bottom left)
 MG-08   (bottom middle)
 MG-09   (bottom right)

      Movie 1 Stills Subset: Transformers

MS1-01   Scorponok Strikes in Qatar
MS1-02   Sam Meets the Autobots
MS1-03   The Capture of Bumblebee
MS1-04   The Location of the Allspark
MS1-05   NBE-1 Non Biological Extraterrestrial
MS1-06   "Autobots Roll Out"
MS1-07   Bonecrusher Bashes Bus
MS1-08   Otimus vs Bonecrusher
MS1-09   Starscream Descends on Downtown
MS1-10   Ironhide Fires at the Decepticons
MS1-11   "I Smell You ... Boy"
MS1-12   "These Things Just Don't Die"
MS1-13   Bumblebee Hands Sam the Allspark
MS1-14   "Megatron!"
MS1-15   "Give Me the Cube ... Boy"
MS1-16   "Sam, Put the Cube in My Chest Now"
MS1-17   "I Wish to Stay with the Boy"
MS1-18   "We Are Here, We Are Waiting"

      Movie 2 Stills Subset:  Revenge of the Fallen

MS2-01   The Destruction of Demolisher
MS2-02   Soundwave Launches Ravage
MS2-03   Starscream Taunts at Sam
MS2-04   Optimus Visits Sam
MS2-05   Ironhide
MS2-06   Optimus Fires at Megatron
MS2-07   Megatron Confronts Starscream
MS2-08   Battle in the Forest
MS2-09   Jetfire Speaks of the Primes
MS2-10   Bumblebee
MS2-11   Skids & Mudflap
MS2-12   Jetfire Teleports
MS2-13   Sam & Mikaela Dash to Cover
MS2-14   Bumblebee Triumphs over Rampage
MS2-15   Megatron at the Top of the Pyramid
MS2-16   "Optimus, Take My Parts"
MS2-17   Victory over the Fallen
MS2-18   "I am Optimus Prime"

      Optimus Prime Puzzle Subset

 OP-01   (top left)
 OP-02   (top middle)
 OP-03   (top right)
 OP-04   (center left)
 OP-05   (center)
 OP-06   (center right)
 OP-07   (bottom left)
 OP-08   (bottom middle)
 OP-09   (bottom right)

      Production Art Subset: Dark of the Moon

 PA-01   Optimus Prime
 PA-02   Bumblebee
 PA-03   Shockwave
 PA-04   Shockwave
 PA-05   Shockwave
 PA-06   Megatron
 PA-07   Megatron
 PA-08   Megatron
 PA-09   Sentinel Prime
 PA-10   Optimus Prime
 PA-11   Bumblebee
 PA-12   Sentinel Prime

      Robot Vehicles Subset

 RV-01   Bumblebee 1
 RV-02   Ratchet 1
 RV-03   Ironhide 1
 RV-04   Bumblebee 2
 RV-05   Ratchet 2
 RV-06   Ironhide 2
 RV-07   Sideswipe 1
 RV-08   Sideswipe 2
 RV-09   Sideswipe 3

      Sentinel Prime Puzzle Subset

 ST-01   (top left)
 ST-02   (top middle)
 ST-03   (top right)
 ST-04   (center left)
 ST-05   (center)
 ST-06   (center right)
 ST-07   (bottom left)
 ST-08   (bottom middle)
 ST-09   (bottom right)

      Shockwave Puzzle Subset

 SW-01   (top left)
 SW-02   (top middle)
 SW-03   (top right)
 SW-04   (center left)
 SW-05   (center)
 SW-06   (center right)
 SW-07   (bottom left)
 SW-08   (bottom middle)
 SW-09   (bottom right)


Chromium Cards (1:48 packs)

 CR-01   Optimus Prime
 CR-02   Bumblebee
 CR-03   Sentinel Prime
 CR-04   Optimus Prime (& Truck)
 CR-05   Bumblebee (& Camaro)
 CR-06   Autobots Shield
 CR-07   Megatron
 CR-08   Decepticons
 CR-09   Autobots

Gold Cards (1:12 packs)

 GC-01   Optimus Prime
 GC-02   Bumblebee
 GC-03   Sentinel Prime
 GC-04   Megatron
 GC-05   Shockwave
 GC-06   Starscream
 GC-07   Ironhide
 GC-08   Ratchet
 GC-09   Dark of the Moon

Metal Collection Cards (1:6 packs)

 MC-01   Optimus Prime
 MC-02   Bumblebee
 MC-03   Ratchet
 MC-04   Ironhide
 MC-05   Sideswipe
 MC-06   Jazz
 MC-07   Sentinel Prime
 MC-08   Optimus Prime Power-Up Mode
 MC-09   Arcee
 MC-10   Jetfire
 MC-11   Skids & Mudflap
 MC-12   Optimus Prime Semi-Truck
 MC-13   Bumblebee Camaro
 MC-14   Autobot Logo
 MC-15   Decepticon Logo
 MC-16   Megatron
 MC-17   Shockwave
 MC-18   Starscream
 MC-19   Barricade
 MC-20   Ravage
 MC-21   Devastator
 MC-22   Demolisher
 MC-23   Rampage
 MC-24   Blackout
 MC-25   Frenzy
 MC-26   Hasbro Logo
 MC-27   Paramount Logo

Silver Cards (1:12 packs)

 SC-01   Optimus Prime
 SC-02   Bumblebee
 SC-03   Sentinel Prime
 SC-04   Megatron
 SC-05   Shockwave
 SC-06   Starscream
 SC-07   Ironhide
 SC-08   Ratchet
 SC-09   Dark of the Moon

Special Cards (1:24 packs)

 SP-01   Optimus Prime & Bumblebee
 SP-02   Buster Optimus
 SP-03   Bumblebee
 SP-04   Sentinel Prime
 SP-05   Decepticons
 SP-06   Autobots
 SP-07   Optimus Prime
 SP-08   Megatron & Shockwave
 SP-09   Optimus Color

Card Album (sold separately)

   --    (binder)


   --    (Bumblebee)

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