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Treasure Island
   Buymore Sales / Grant Products - 1960

Notes: Card fronts show color artwork while backs give story text. American Card Catalog 
reference is W527. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

An edition with French text was marketed in Canada as "L'Île au Trésor." Catalog 
reference is V339-23.

Box: 36 packs.

No.   Card Text

  1   On the coast, on the way to Bristol my father had
  2   All during the day he kept watch on the coast with
  3   Months passed by and the downpayment the captain h
  4   He even picked a quarrel with Dr. Livesey, who att
  5   One day a stranger asked for the captain. When he
  6   "Rum, rum", the captain screamed. "I have to leave
  7   From his bed the captain complained: "The 'Black D
  8   On the paper stood "ten o'clock". "Only six hours
  9   None of the villagers were willing to help, for fe
 10   Listening intently for any noise outside, we hurri
 11   Exhausted from the run, my mother stumbled. "Here
 12   "Get out and search", the blind one screamed. "The
 13   The customs officers had saved us from terrible da
 14   Dr. Livesey was with Squire Trelawney at the manor
 15   In the tavern of the ship's cook Long John Silver,
 16   Captain Smollett complained to the squire, that th
 17   The "Hispaniola" made good way. Soon the island wo
 18   The very same day the island was sighted. The crew
 19   In the heat the crew became lazy and aggressive. T
 20   I smoked until my strength left me, then I crossed
 21   "Do you want to kill me too?" Tom cried and ran of
 22   A new shock forced me to stop. A quaint figure ran
 23   Quickly I told our story to Ben Gunn, and he repli
 24   Dr. Livesey reports: In our position it was of the
 25   Squire Trelawney and the captain agreed to my plan
 26   Joyce and I loaded the boat with powderkegs, guns,
 27   We thus brought on our first and many more trips v
 28   The boat had been very much overloaded and several
 29   The cannonball had alerted the mutineers ashore. A
 30   Jim Hawkins, the ships boy, now continues to tell
 31   I crept to the blockhouse, climbed across the pali
 32   It was Long John Silver, who came as spokesman. Af
 33   We prepared for battle. The Captain. An hour passe
 34   The pirates who had jumped over the palisades now
 35   The Captain shouted: "Get out boys! fight in the o
 36   The noise of the battle ebbed away, but our victor
 37   At noon, heavily armed and with the map in his poc
 38   The boat had to be in Ben Gunn's cave. I found it
 39   To my horror I then noticed that the current was t
 40   Then as I happened to look back upon the sea, I sa
 41   Red-cap O'Brien lay full lenght on his back, next
 42   Hands then asked me to fetch a bottle of wine. I b
 43   As we ran around the cliffs towards the shore, I s
 44   With sudden impact the "Hispaniola" ran aground. T
 45   Hands was now at a disadvantage, but in spite of i
 46   I was able to free myself from the knife that had
 47   I found the place where I had met Ben Dunn and now
 48   Silver related that yesterday Dr. Livesey had arri
 49   The pirates wanted to dismiss Silver as a captain,
 50   In the morning the call "Blockhouse ahoy ..." ...
 51   I had to give Silver my word of honour not to go w
 52   Loaded down with spades, picks and food and armed
 53   Soon we came ashore and climbed uphill. Suddenly
 54   We came to some tall trees, but which one would be
 55   Now Silver threatened. "This scoundrel has known i
 56   Long ago Ben Gunn had carried the treasure into hi
 57   The squire said to Silver that he would spare him.
 58   Now and again, from a long distance, the sound of
 59   The mutineers called out to us, to take them with
 60   Soon we landed on an island in the West Indies. Wh

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