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Russ Trolls
Topps - 1992

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards + 1 sticker.
Common sets: approx. 4.36 per box if collation were perfect.
Sticker sets: approximately 3.27 per box.

No.   Title                         Subtitle

  1   Toulouse Le Troll             Trolls Around the World
  2   Flamenco Troll                Trolls Around the World
  3   Sir Laurence Trollmer         Trolls Around the World
  4   Leona Trollstoy               Trolls Around the World
  5   Baroness Von Troll            Trolls Around the World
  6   Kimono Troll                  Trolls Around the World
  7   Pancho Troll                  Trolls Around the World
  8   Russ Troll for President      Trolls Around the World
  9   Troll in One                  Troll Trivia
 10   Soc' It To 'Em Troll          Troll Sports Trivia
 11   Touchdown Troll               Troll Sports Trivia
 12   Take Me Out to the Trollgame  Troll Sports Trivia
 13   Hang Ten Troll                Troll Trivia
 14   Trollsurfin'                  Troll Legend
 15   Skate Trollin'                Troll Trivia
 16   Troll on a Roll
 17   Wimbletroll                   Troll Sports Trivia
 18   Ski Patroll                   Troll Sports Tip
 19   Gone Fishin' Troll
 20   Fashion Troll                 Troll Style Tip
 21   Kindertroll                   Troll Trivia
 22   Pom Pom Trolls                Troll Sports Trivia
 23   Vincent Van Troll             Troll Trivia
 24   Galloping Troll               Troll Horse Trivia
 25   GI Troll                      Troll Legend
 26   Troll of the Sea              Troll Trivia
 27   Mama Mia Troll                Troll Pizza Trivia
 28   Here Comes the Troll          Troll Legend
 29   Marrying Troll                Troll Trivia
 30   Trolling for Dollars          Troll Sports Tip
 31   Abracadabtroll                Troll Legend
 32   Scuba Troll
 33   Rockin' Troll                 Troll Trivia
 34   Troll Doc
 35   Raging Troll                  Troll Sports Trivia
 36   Hoopster Trolls               Troll Sports Trivia
 37   Kung Fu Troll                 Troll Sports Tip
 38   Trollerina                    Troll Trivia
 39   Stone Age Trolls              Troll Trivia
 40   Trollbillies                  Troll Trivia
 41   Aastrollnaut
 42   Florence Nightentroll, RN     Troll Tip
 43   Yohoho Troll                  Troll Trivia
 44   Aerobitroll                   Troll Trivia
 45   Trollin' in the Rain
 46   Party Troll
 47   Troll Patrol
 48   Smokey the Troll              Troll Safety Tip
 49   Gourmet Troll                 Troll Trivia
 50   Rebel Troll                   Troll Bio
 51   Trollstylist                  Troll Trivia
 52   Kooky Troll                   Troll Trivia
 53   Yo Troll                      Troll Trivia
 54   Frosty the Troll              Trolls Around the World
 55   Dutch Troll                   Trolls Around the World
 56   Goalie Troll                  Troll Sports Tip
 57   Trollcycle                    Troll Safety Tip
 58   Troll Trainer                 Troll Trainer's Wise Words
 59   Snoozy Trolls
 60   Two-Piece Troll
 61   I Dream of Trollie            Troll Legend
 62   Mr. Wondertroll               Troll Trivia
 63   Trolls on Ice                 Troll Trivia
 64   Farmer in the Troll           Troll Legend
 65   10K Troll                     Troll Legend
 66   Russ Trolls Checklist


  1   Splish Splash (Scuba Troll)
  2   Rock 'n Troll
  3   Stone Age Trolls
  4   Astro Troll (Astrollnaut)
  5   (Troll on a Roll)
  6   Kooky (Kooky Troll)
  7   Aloha
  8   Go Team Go (Pom Pom Trolls)
  9   Poof! (Abracadabtroll)
 10   (Trollerina)
 11   (I Dream of Trollie)

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