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Donruss - 1982

Notes:  There were two cards marked #6 and no card marked #9.  Unless you look at
one of them upside-down, of course.  The stickers are as prevalent as the regular cards,
and are usually considered part of the basic set.  Huge thanks to LMA for the image

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards + 1 sticker.
Common sets: approx. 4.36 per box if collation were perfect.
Sticker sets: approx. 4.50 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Scene

  1   Sark talking to the conscripts about training
  2   Clu ("Mr. high and mighty Master Control")
  3   Sark looking down
  4   Flynn's reco cutting a tank's trip off a little too soon
  5   Sark looking up
  6*  Yori walking towards the camera
  7   Blue and yellow cycles racing
  8   Tron deflecting disc
  6*  Reco closing in
 10   Sark's carrier
 11   Flynn carrying RAM
 12   Solar Sailer
 13   Yellow cycle
 14   Top view of yellow vs. blue cycle
 15   Guard shocking Flynn
 16   MCP blades drifting outward
 17   MCP heats up
 18   Two recos
 19   Red cycle
 20   Flynn and guard ("If this is about those parking tickets, I can explain")
 21   Same as #2, except full shot of Clu
 22   De-rezzing carrier
 23   Clu ("A recognizer!")
 24   Tron in cycle
 25   Solar Sailer, front view
 26   Tank
 27   Yellow, orange, and red cycles
 28   Chrom
 29   Reco rebuilding
 30   RAM waking up
 31   Reco coming up out of pit
 32   Yellow cycle (diff. angle)
 33   Tank interior
 34   Yori
 35   Green tank driver
 36   RAM
 37   Yellow, orange, and red cycles escape
 38   Yellow and blue cycles, neck and neck
 39   REALLY de-rezzed carrier
 40   3 blue cycles
 41   Orange cycle
 42   Reco after tank
 43   MCP
 44   Tron and logo
 45   5 guys and discs
 46   Tron and Yori escaping
 47   Yori and Flynn
 48   Reco's foot falling off
 49   Losing a ring at Flynn's 1st game
 50   Pod exits carrier
 51   Tron and Yori at the I/O tower
 52   Yori stepping off of de-rezzing carrier
 53   Tank, top view
 54   Dumont and other guardians being pushed along by the guards
 55   Clu in tank
 56   Red, yellow, and orange cycles heading off in diff. directions
 57   I/O tower, top view
 58   Blue cycle
 59   Sark and workers ("I want those conscripts!")
 60   Sark, Yori, Dumont, and Flynn ("We have erased that program!")
 61   Blue cycle, front view
 62   Flynn and Yori on the Sailor
 63   Clu being de-rezzed
 64   Yet another shot of the de-rezzing carrier
 65   Disc flying at unsuspecting guard
 66   Tank, side view


 1   Logo
 2   Figure Logo
 3   Light Cycles
 4   Entry Rack
 5   I.O. Tower
 6   Light Cycle Grid
 7   M.C.P. (Master Control Program)
 8   Tank Maze

©2001, 2003 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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