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True Crime Series I
Eclipse - 1992

Note:  Lots of confusion here.  From a distribution standpoint, there were two sets of
cards: "True Crime I" (cards 1-110) and "True Crime II" (cards 111-220).  However,
the first half of the first set (cards 1-55) are marked "Series One" and the second half
(cards 56-110) is marked "Series Two."  This principle is followed (sort of) in the
second set, where the first half of the cards (111-165) are marked "Series Three" except
when they're not ... cards 119 and 162 are marked "Series One."  The second half of the
cards (166-220) are usually marked "Series Four", except for 168 and 190-191 ("Series
Six") and 210 and 213-218 ("Series Five").  So don't consider it even if somebody offers
to trade you an entire "Series Six" set for an entire "Series One" set!

No.   Title

Series One: G-Men & Gangsters (art by Paul Lee)

  1   Slum Gangs -- The Roots of Organized Crime
  2   Death to the Mustache Petes!
  3   Big Jim Colosimo
  4   Johnny Torrio
  5   The Bloody Cicero Election of 1924
  6   Dion O'Banion
  7   Al Capone
  8   Peter Von Frantzius
  9   Hymie Weiss (Earl Wajciechowski)
 10   John Stege
 11   The Unione Siciliane
 12   Machine Gun Jack McGurn (James de Mora)
 13   Frankie Vale (Frank Uale)
 14   The St. Valentine's Day Massacre
 15   The Birth of the National Crime Syndicate
 16   Albert Anselmi and John Scalise
 17   Jake Lingle
 18   Jake Guzik
 19   Eliot Ness
 20   The Untouchables
 21   Al Capone Holds Court in Jail
 22   The Cops Hit Nitti
 23   The Assassination of Mayor Cermak!
 24   Giuseppe Zangara
 25   Frank Nitti
 26   George Browne and Willie Bioff
 27   The Lindbergh Kidnapping
 28   J. Edgar Hoover
 29   George "Machine Gun" Kelly
 30   Frank "Jelly" Nash
 31   The Kansas City Massacre
 32   Charles "Pretty Boy" Floyd
 33   Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow
 34   The Death of Bonnie and Clyde
 35   John Dillinger
 36   Anna Sage ("The Lady in Red")
 37   Baby Face Nelson (Lester Gillis)
 38   Melvin Purvis
 39   Ma Barker and Her Boys
 40   Joe "Doc" Moran
 41   Hoover Nabs Karpis
 42   Arnold Rothstein
 43   John "Legs" Diamond
 44   Joe Masseria
 45   Vincent "Mad Dog" Coll
 46   Dutch Schultz (Arthur Flegenheimer)
 47   Frank Costello (Francesco Castiglia)
 48   Charles "Lucky" Luciano (Salvatore Lucania)
 49   Vito Genovese
 50   Meyer Lansky (Maier Suchowljansky)
 51   Thomas Dewey
 52   Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel
 53   Virginia Hill
 54   Louis "Lepke" Buchalter
 55   G-Men & Gangsters: Who Done It [Checklist]

Series Two: Serial Killers & Mass Murderers (art by Jon Bright)

 56   Marcel Petiot
 57   Earl Leonard Nelson
 58   Herman Webster Mudgett a.k.a. Harry H. Holmes
 59   Albert Fish a.k.a. Frank Howard
 60   Leonard Lake and Charles Ng
 61   Richard Ramirez
 62   Christopher Wilder
 63   Dean Allen Corll
 64   Juan Corona
 65   Charlene Williams and Gerald Gallego
 66   Peter Kurten
 67   John Wayne Gacy
 68   Albert Henry DeSalvo
 69   Winnie Ruth Judd
 70   Richard Franklin Speck
 71   Charles Manson
 72   Mary Flora Bell
 73   David Berkowitz a.k.a. The Son of Sam
 74   James Warren Jones
 75   William Palmer
 76   Jeffrey Dahmer
 77   Dennis Nilsen
 78   Charles Howard Schmid
 79   Charles Starkweather and Caril Ann Fugate
 80   Wayne B. Williams
 81   Edward Gein
 82   Genene Jones
 83   The Zodiac Killer
 84   Peter Sutcliffe
 85   Joachim Kroll
 86   Charles Whitman
 87   Henry Lee Lucas
 88   Theodore Bundy
 89   Christine Slaughter Falling
 90   Robert Hansen
 91   John List a.k.a. Robert P. Clark
 92   Jeffrey MacDonald
 93   Arnfinn Nesset
 94   John Reginald Christie
 95   Jane Toppan
 96   The Green River Killer
 97   Marie Hilley a.k.a. Teri Martin
 98   Jerome Brudos
 99   Myra Hindley and Ian Brady
100   James Huberty
101   Jack the Ripper
102   Ramon Salcido
103   Herbert Mullin
104   Howard Unruh
105   Patrick Sherrill
106   Kenneth Bianchi and Angelo Buono
107   Lt. William Calley
108   Adolfo Constanzo and Sara Aldrete
109   Psychology of the Sociopathic Killer
110   Serial Killers & Mass Murderers: Who Done It [Checklist]

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