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The Art of TSR Colossal Cards
FPG - 1996

Note:  Thanks much to Jan Burns Cederquist for the checklist!!

No.   Title                                          Artist

  1   The Magister                                   Jeff Easley
  2   Wrath of Immortals                             Jeff Easley
  3   Lurking Danger                                 Jeff Easley
  4   Exile                                          Jeff Easley
  5   With this Ring / Cutting Things Down to Size   Jeff Easley
  6   Dungeon Explorers                              Jeff Easley
  7   The Big Red Dragon                             Jeff Easley
  8   Red Dragon                                     Jeff Easley
  9   Siege of Lord Eyrie's Craig                    Jeff Easley
 10   Dwarven Kingdoms of Krynn                      Larry Elmore
 11   Under Sea                                      Larry Elmore
 12   Needing a Way Out                              Larry Elmore
 13   Dragon Slayers, and Proud of it!               Larry Elmore
 14   Bloodstone Lands                               Larry Elmore
 15   Cities of Mystery                              Larry Elmore
 16   The Crystal Shard                              Larry Elmore
 17   The Savage Frontier                            Larry Elmore
 18   Crypt of the Shadowking                        Fred Fields
 19   Mindflayer                                     Fred Fields
 20   Fire Minion                                    Fred Fields
 21   Dragon Claw                                    Fred Fields
 22   All Animals are Equal                          Fred Fields
 23   Waterfall                                      Fred Fields
 24   Butterfly Chick                                Fred Fields
 25   Green Lady Nenioc                              Fred Fields
 26   Dire Doom Descending                           Paul Jaquays
 27   Draconic Triptych                              Paul Jaquays
 28   The Enemy Within                               Paul Jaquays
 29   Dragon's Craig                                 Paul Jaquays
 30   Dead in the Water                              Paul Jaquays
 31   And Then There Were Dragons...                 Paul Jaquays
 32   Azoun at Bay                                   Paul Jaquays
 33   Mus of Kerbridge                               Paul Jaquays
 34   In the Cage                                    Dana Knutson
 35   Dark Temple                                    Dana Knutson
 36   Titan City                                     Dana Knutson
 37   Give or Take                                   Alan Pollack
 38   S.O.L                                          Alan Pollack
 39   Strange Bedfellows                             Alan Pollack
 40   The Nightmare                                  Robh Ruppel
 41   Moonlight's Curse                              Robh Ruppel
 42   Unnatural Birth                                Robh Ruppel
 43   Night of the Walking Dead                      Robh Ruppel
 44   Kromosome                                      Robh Ruppel
 45   The Sentinel                                   Robh Ruppel
 46   Well of Worlds                                 Robh Ruppel
 47   Harbinger House                                Robh Ruppel
 48   Rhuobhe Manslayer                              Tony Szczudlo
 49   Goblin Charge                                  Tony Szczudlo
 50   Battle of Sorrow's Field                       Tony Szczudlo

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