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Top Trumps: Horror [Dracula edition]
Waddington Games - 1990s

Notes:  Distributed for the U.K. market as a full set in a plastic display case. In
this modern age, such a card game has now migrated online.  This Top Trumps
"Horror" series is different from three earlier series with the same name, published
in the 1980s when Dubreq owned the Top Trumps licence. Thanks much to Lee
Scott for the checklist!


    (Title Card)

    Ape Man
    Circus of Death
    Fu Manchu
    Granite Man
    Incredible Melting Man
    King Kong
    Lord of Death
    Man Eating Plant
    Phantom of the Opera
    Prince of Darkness
    The Executioner
    The Freak
    The Ghoul
    The Gorgon
    THe Hangman
    The Mad Axeman
    The Mad Magician
    The Risen Dead
    The Sorceress
    The Thing
    Two Headed Monster
    Vampire Bat
    Zetan Warlord

    (Collector's Gift Card)

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