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Prehistoric Monsters - Top Trumps
Dubreq Limited - 19??

Note:  Cards are approximately 2-3/8" x 3-5/8", and were distributed in
a plastic case.

  Title                                   Period

  Prehistoric Monsters [Title Card]
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  Allosaurus                              Mesozoic - Jurassic
  Anatosaurus                             Mesozoic - Cretaceous
  Ankylosaurus                            Mesozoic - Cretaceous
  Archaeopteryx                           Mesozoic - Jurassic
  Brontosaurus                            Mesozoic - Jurassic
  Ceratosaurus                            Mesozoic - Jurassic
  Compsognathus                           Mesozoic - Jurassic
  Dimetrodon                              Palaeozoic - Permian
  Dipterus                                Palaeozoic - Devonian
  Eryops                                  Palaeozoic - Permian
  Euparkeria                              Mesozoic - Triassic
  Eusthenopteron                          Palaeozoic - Devonian
  Hyracotherium                           Cainozoic - Tertiary
  Iguanodon                               Mesozoic - Cretaceous
  Machairodus                             Cainozoic - Tertiary to Quaternary
  Megaceros                               Cainozoic - Quaternary
  Meganeura                               Palaeozoic - Carboniferous
  Ornithomimus                            Mesozoic - Cretaceous
  Palaeoloxodon                           Cainozoic - Quaternary
  Parasaurolophus                         Mesozoic - Cretaceous
  Phororhacos                             Cainozoic - Tertiary
  Plateosaurus                            Mesozoic - Triassic
  Plesiosaurus                            Mesozoic - Jurassic
  Protoceratops                           Mesozoic - Cretaceous
  Pteranodon                              Mesozoic - Cretaceous
  Stegosaurus                             Mesozoic - Jurassic
  Styracosaurus                           Mesozoic - Cretaceous
  Triceratops                             Mesozoic - Cretaceous
  Trilobite                               Palaeozoic - Cambrian
  Tyrannosaurus Rex                       Mesozoic - Cretaceous
  Woolly Mammoth                          Cainozoic - Quaternary
  Woolly Rhinoceros                       Cainozoic - Quaternary

  The Geological Periods and Time Scale
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