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Tune In For Terror
   Mystery Playhouse - 1992

Note:  This set features classic radio horror broadcasts.  Originally distributed as factory 
sets, in color and a duotone versions, with the 30 regular cards, 3 checklist and special 
cards, and 9 stickers. The color card set came in several varieties. Full Color Boxed Pack 
Sets with four pack designs, with 24 different backs, comprising two 12-chapter stories. 
For Horizontal boxes, packs with the Clawed Monster packs had 6 odd-numbered chapters 
from the "Three Skeleton Key" story, while Devil packs nad the even-numbered chapters. 
For Vertical boxes, Crab Creature packs had odd chapters from the "Lost and Found" 
story while Crab Creature packs had the even chapters.

Fewer than 1200 of the duotone sets were produced, sequentially numbered, with 2 varieties 
of bonus coupon included (only one per set). Thanks to set creator Kurt for info on the 
autographed, prototype, and special cards; and to John Biagioni for updates!

Box: 36 packs of 5 cards + 1 sticker. 10 boxes/case, 100 cases.
Common sets: approx. 5.29 per box if collation were perfect.
Sticker sets: approximately 4.00 per box.

No.   Title                                  Show / Author

  1   The War of the Worlds                  The Mercury Theatre
  2   Leinengen vs. the Ants                 Escape
  3   The Chicken Heart                      Lights Out
  4   The Thing on the Fourbleboard          Quiet Please
  5   The Green Thing                        Two Thousand Plus
  6   The Shadow's Revenge                   The Shadow
  7   Zero Hour                              Dimension X
  8   The Vengeful Corpse                    The Inner Sanctum
  9   Three Skeleton Key                     Suspense
 10   Behind the Locked Door                 Mysterious Traveler
 11   The Werewolf                           The Weird Circle
 12   The Shadow People                      The Halls of Fantasy
 13   A Gun for Dinosaur                     X minus One
 14   The Masque of the Red Death            Edgar Allan Poe
 15   The Shadow Over Innsmouth              H. P. Lovecraft
 16   Frankenstein                           Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
 17   Dracula                                Bram Stoker
 18   The Time Machine                       H. G. Wells
 19   Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde                Robert Louis Stevenson
 20   The Screaming Box
 21   The Forgotten Witness
 22   The Trembling Curtain
 23   Horror Hoax
 24   Casting The Runes
 25   An Experiment in Blood
 26   Treasure Hunter
 27   The Trap Door
 28   The Haunted Grave
 29   End of the Rope
 30   Stone Dead
 --   Checklist
 --   Mystery Playhouse / Credits
 --   Dr. Morgan's Mystery/Monster membership
 --   Bonus Coupon!

Stickers ("Caped Man in graveyard" puzzle backs)

 --   (Solitaire under covers)
 --   (Dragonslayer)
 --   (Werewolf at the window)
 --   (Camp cyclops)
 --   (Window suckers)
 --   (Tut mummy)
 --   (Released wraiths)
 --   (Frankenstein)
 --   (Death with tombstones)


Autographed Cards
    (100 sets made, distributed randomly in packs included with the color sets)

No.   Title                 Show                  Signed By

 43   Hairy Monster         The Witch's Tale      David King
 44   Jar of Acid           The Black Museum      Byron Glickfeld
 45   The Old Hermit        The Hermit's Cave     Chris Tirri
 46   Shrunken Head         The Whistler          Sherman Whited 2nd
 47   Terror Out of Space   Murder at Midnight    Larry Jakubecz
 48   Mask of Medusa        Mystery In the Air    Hal Robins

Case-Topper Item

 --   (Prototype Strip)

Wrapper Designs (Horizontal Full Color Box)/u>

 --   (devil)
 --   (clawed monster emerging from old radio)

Wrapper Designs (Vertical Full Color Box)/u>

 --   (skull)
 --   (girl and crab creature)

Duotone Factory Setm (sold separately)

 --   Dr. Morgan's Mystery/Monster membership (smaller than regular set; # to 3000)
 --   (30 base cards)
 --   (9 stickers; blank backs)
 --   Checklist
 --   Bonus Coupon  [type 1]
 --   Bonus Coupon  [type 2]


Card design identical to autographed cards, but with "PROTOTYPE" stamped
on them instead of hand signatures; 1000 sets made.

43    Hairy Monster         The Witch's Tale
44    Jar of Acid           The Black Museum
45    The Old Hermit        The Hermit's Cave
46    Shrunken Head         The Whistler
47    Terror Out of Space   Murder at Midnight
48    Mask of Medusa        Mystery In the Air

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