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TV's Coolest Classics
Inkworks - 1998

Note:  Thanks much to Ray Tucker and Michael Kartchner for the updates!

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets: approx. 1.61 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Show: Subject                                   Subset

 1    TV's Coolest Classics Volume One                Title Card
 2    The Beverly Hillbillies: Once ole Jed           Premieres
 3    The Andy Griffith Show: Fishin' Hole            Premieres
 4    Brady Bunch: It's the story                     Premieres
 5    Get Smart!: Getting Smart on the air            Premieres
 6    Hogan's Heroes: Tasteless?                      Premieres
 7    Get Smart!:  Mr. Big                            Premieres
 8    The Beverly Hillbillies: Jed Clampett           Premieres
 9    The Andy Griffith Show: "The New Housekeeper"   Premieres
10    Brady Bunch: Greg                               Fab Fashions
11    The Beverly Hillbillies: Elly May               Fab Fashions
12    Get Smart!: special accessories                 Fab Fashions
13    The Andy Griffith Show: The men of Mayberry     Fab Fashions
14    Brady Bunch: Marcia                             Fab Fashions
15    Hogan's Heroes: Tailor Newkirk                  Fab Fashions
16    Brady Bunch: grew up in a time                  Fab Fashions
17    The Andy Griffith Show: Helen and Thelma Lou    Fab Fashions
18    Hogan's Heroes: The demands of war              Fab Fashions
19    The Andy Griffith Show: Barney                  Family Affairs
20    The Andy Griffith Show: double date             Family Affairs
21    The Andy Griffith Show: Mrs. Andy Taylor        Family Affairs
22    The Andy Griffith Show: quality time together   Family Affairs
23    Brady Bunch: Plays together                     Family Affairs
24    Brady Bunch: all set for school                 Family Affairs
25    Brady Bunch: Sibling relationships              Family Affairs
26    The Beverly Hillbillies: A close-knit family    Family Affairs
27    Get Smart: Just Married                         Family Affairs
28    The Andy Griffith Show: "Nip it!"               Classic Quotes
29    Hogan's Heroes: "I Know Noth-thing!"            Classic Quotes
30    Get Smart!: "Would you believe?"                Classic Quotes
31    Brady Bunch: "Pork Chops, and Applesauce"       Classic Quotes
32    Get Smart!: "Sorry about that, Chief."          Classic Quotes
33    Brady Bunch: "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!"          Classic Quotes
34    The Beverly Hillbillies: "Hot dog!"             Classic Quotes
35    The Andy Griffith Show: "You beat everything"   Classic Quotes
36    Get Smart: "Missed it by that much!"            Classic Quotes
37    The Andy Griffith Show: smooching Thelma Lou    Dating Game
38    The Andy Griffith Show: Duck pond               Dating Game
39    The Beverly Hillbillies: not as much a tomboy   Dating Game
40    Brady Bunch: "Greg Gets Grounded"               Dating Game
41    Brady Bunch: Snow White                         Dating Game
42    The Beverly Hillbillies: go a-courtin'          Dating Game
43    Get Smart!: From the start                      Dating Game
44    The Andy Griffith Show: Opie has a crush        Dating Game
45    Brady Bunch: heart bigger than her kitchen      Dating Game
46    The Andy Griffith Show: "Barney's Bloodhound"   Zoo Crew
47    Brady Bunch: "Getting Greg's Goat"              Zoo Crew
48    The Beverly Hillbillies: Goat milking           Zoo Crew
49    The Beverly Hillbillies: cute pups              Zoo Crew
50    The Andy Griffith Show: "A Man's Best Friend"   Zoo Crew
51    The Beverly Hillbillies: Maybelle in kitchen    Zoo Crew
52    The Beverly Hillbillies: Jethro with the beef   Zoo Crew
53    The Andy Griffith Show: "Dogs, Dogs, Dogs"      Zoo Crew
54    Get Smart!: Fang                                Zoo Crew
55    The Andy Griffith Show: "Andy's Vacation"       Good Times
56    Brady Bunch: Grand Canyon                       Good Times
57    Brady Bunch: Hawaii                             Good Times
58    The Andy Griffith Show: Lodge                   Good Times
59    The Beverly Hillbillies: England                Good Times
60    Get Smart!: Golf lessons                        Good Times
61    The Beverly Hillbillies: Peter Cottontail       Good Times
62    The Beverly Hillbillies: Formal Dress-Up        Good Times
63    The Andy Griffith Show: Card Playing            Good Times
64    Get Smart!: Chief's Office                      Spies Like Us
65    Get Smart!: Ingenious Weapons                   Spies Like Us
66    Get Smart!: Red Phone                           Spies Like Us
67    Get Smart!: Shoe Phone                          Spies Like Us
68    Get Smart!: KAOS                                Spies Like Us
69    Hogan's Heroes: LeBeau                          Spies Like Us
70    Hogan's Heroes: Hogan's Exact Double            Spies Like Us
71    Hogan's Heroes: Sergeant Carter                 Spies Like Us
72    Hogan's Heroes: Ivan Dixon                      Spies Like Us
73    The Andy Griffith Show: Aunt Bee                TV Dinners
74    Brady Bunch: "The Personality Kid"              TV Dinners
75    The Beverly Hillbillies: Jed's Grace            TV Dinners
76    Brady Bunch: Popcorn                            TV Dinners
77    The Beverly Hillbillies: Granny                 TV Dinners
78    The Andy Griffith Show: Thelma Lou              TV Dinners
79    Hogan's Heroes: LeBeau                          TV Dinners
80    The Beverly Hillbillies: Jethro                 TV Dinners
81    The Andy Griffith Show: Hot coffee              TV Dinners
82    The Andy Griffith Show: Opie careers            Kid Stuff
83    The Andy Griffith Show: Mayberry                Kid Stuff
84    The Andy Griffith Show: "A Deal Is a Deal"      Kid Stuff
85    Brady Bunch: Marcia and Cindy                   Kid Stuff
86    Brady Bunch: Greg, Peter, and Bobby             Kid Stuff
87    Brady Bunch: Boys' bedroom                      Kid Stuff
88    Brady Bunch: Backyard                           Kid Stuff
89    The Andy Griffith Show: Fishing with Pa         Kid Stuff
90    Coolest Checklist                               Checklist


Memorable Moments Cards (1:11 packs)

M1    The Andy Griffith Show: Andy and Opie
M2    Hogan's Heroes
M3    The Beverly Hillbillies: rocking chair
M4    The Beverly Hillbillies: fishing
M5    Brady Bunch: trip to Hawaii
M6    Brady Bunch: convertible lemon
M7    The Andy Griffith Show
M8    Brady Bunch: surfboard crash
M9    The Andy Griffith Show: motorcycle

Dream Girl Cards (1:20 packs)

D1    Thelma Lou
D2    Marcia Brady
D3    Elly May Clampett
D4    Carol Brady
D5    Agent 99
D6    Ellie May Walker

Smell-O-Rama Cards (1:30 packs)

S1    Aunt Bee's Honest Cherry Pie
S2    Greg's New Car
S3    Maxwell Smart's Shoe Phone

Autographed Cards (1:180 packs)

A1    Barbara Feldon: Agent 99
A2    Donna Douglas: Elly Mae
A3    Susan Olsen: Cindy Brady
A4    Betty Lynn: Thelma Lou
A5    Robert Clary: Louis LeBeau
A6    Barry Williams: Greg Brady
A8    Elinore Donahue: Ellie May Walker

Card Album

---   (Binder)
BH1   Celebrating 35 Years (Album Card)


P1   These cards are the grooviest!
P2   Snatch those cards from KAOS? Got it Chief!
P3   Fröliche Weinachten!

©2000, 2001, 2003 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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