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Twilight Playing Cards
Anonymous (Hong Kong) - 2008

Note:  The only credits printed on these cards are for the movie production.

 Card          Title / Image

 A Spades      Jacob
 K Spades      (Bella and Edward, clinch)
 Q Spades      (Edward and Bella, woods)
 J Spades      (Edward, closeup)
10 Spades      (Edward, running)
 9 Spades      (Bella and Edward, in tree)
 8 Spades      (James, Victoria, Laurent)
 7 Spades      (Bella, closeup)
 6 Spades      (Edward, steps and car)
 5 Spades      (Rosalie, closeup)
 4 Spades      (Bella and Edward, indoors)
 3 Spades      (Bella and Edward, lake and jetty)
 2 Spades      (James attempting studio bite)

 A Hearts      James
 K Hearts      (Edward, school hall)
 Q Hearts      (Bella and Edward, portrait)
 J Hearts      (Edward and Bella, talk in tree)
10 Hearts      (hunting circle)
 9 Hearts      (Edward and Bella, at car)
 8 Hearts      (Bella, watching)
 7 Hearts      (Esme, Carlisle, Edward)
 6 Hearts      (Bella and Edward, near kiss)
 5 Hearts      (James, closeup)
 4 Hearts      (Edward and Bella, talking)
 3 Hearts      (Edward, Bella riding back)
 2 Hearts      (Emmett and Alice)

 A Diamonds    Bella
 K Diamonds    (Edward and Bella, image superimposed)
 Q Diamonds    (Edward leads the Cullens)
 J Diamonds    (Edward and Bella, dancing)
10 Diamonds    (Edward, closeup in parka)
 9 Diamonds    (Edward and Bella, clasping hands)
 8 Diamonds    (Bella and Edward, near kiss)
 7 Diamonds    (Edward, in baseball garb)
 6 Diamonds    (Bella, lying down)
 5 Diamonds    (Edward, in blue)
 4 Diamonds    (Edward, choked by James)
 3 Diamonds    (Carlisle, with baseball bat)
 2 Diamonds    (Bella and Edward, waterfall)

 A Clubs       Edward
 K Clubs       (Bella, pinned by James)
 Q Clubs       (Emmett and Alice)
 J Clubs       (Rosalie and Jasper)
10 Clubs       (Five Cullens)
 9 Clubs       (Edward, in gray)
 8 Clubs       (Bella and Edward, in car)
 7 Clubs       (Edward, running in baseball garb)
 6 Clubs       (Edward and Bella, among rocks)
 5 Clubs       (Edward, in ruins)
 4 Clubs       (Esme, closeup)
 3 Clubs       (Edward and Bella, at window)
 2 Clubs       (Edward diverting truck)

 Joker         (black letters)
 Joker         (red letters)

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