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The Twilight Saga: New Moon
   NECA - 2009
The Twilight Saga: New Moon Update Set
   NECA - 2010

Notes:  The original NECA set was followed by an "update set," which repeated 
all cards but included additional cards 73-84, where the first nine card backs form a 
puzzle image. In the original release, card #54 was misprinted with the same front 
image and title as card #52, but this was corrected in the Update release. Just to 
make it more complicated, the Update replaced the card-back text for #52 with the 
text that had been on the previous #54, making this card a variation as well (and 
making #52 different from the oversized photocard card-back). These changes may 
frustrate completist collectors and confuse specialists in error cards and variations. 
The original (non-update) set was also distributed as a factory set, including the 
Facinelli autograph. Thanks much to Dan Abend for the initial list! Further infor-
mation and scans are posted at the NECA website.

Box: 24 packs of 6 cards. 10 boxes/case.
Common sets (72 Original): approx. 1.90 per box if collation were perfect.
Common sets (84 Expansion): approximately 1.61 per box.
Gravity-Feed (Target) Retail Box: 36 packs of 6 cards.
Hot Topic Retail Box: 24 packs of 6 cards.

No.    Title                                         Correction

  1    New Moon
  2    Bella
  3    Edward
  4    Jacob
  5    Alice
  6    Jasper
  7    Rosalie
  8    Emmett
  9    Carlisle
 10    Esme
 11    Victoria
 12    Laurent
 13    Sam
 14    Paul
 15    Jared
 16    Embry
 17    Jane
 18    Aro
 19    Caius
 20    Marcus
 21    Alec
 22    Charlie
 23    Billy
 24    Mike
 25    Jessica
 26    Angela
 27    Eric
 28    The Dream
 29    Happy Birthday, Bells
 30    Something to Celebrate
 31    Party Plans
 32    Plotting Revenge
 33    Cullens Celebrate
 34    Jasper's Weakness
 35    Get Jasper Out
 36    Mending
 37    Who Wants Normal?
 38    The Promise
 39    Rescue Party
 40    Found
 41    Despair
 42    Charlie Intervenes
 43    Finding Danger
 44    Visiting Jacob
 45    Jacob's Garage
 46    On the Cliffs
 47    Jacob Concerned
 48    Lessons
 49    Speeding to Edward
 50    Movie Night
 51    Jacob's Different
 52    Breaking Up [Jacob: It's not you.]
           [Card back changed in Update to It's not you...It is me.]
 53    Unexpected Reunion
 54    Breaking Up [Jacob: It's not you...It is me.]
           [Card back and front corrected in Update to: Who's Afraid]
 55    Secret Withheld
 56    Secret Revealed
 57    You're a Werewolf
 58    Hunting Party
 59    The Jump
 60    You Won't Lose Yourself
 61    Alice Comes Back
 62    Edward in Italy
 63    Racing against Time
 64    Just in Time
 65    The Volturi
 66    Unreadable
 67    Edward in Trouble
 68    One of Us
 69    Back Together
 70    The Vote
 71    With Conditions
 72    Checklist


 73    A Disturbing Dream
 74    High School Friends
 75    Jacob Is There
 76    Alice Insists
 77    Edward Leaves
 78    Dream Catcher
 79    Rescued
 80    Can't Live without Bella
 81    Volturi To Judge
 82    Bella Swan
 83    Edward Cullen
 84    Jacob Black


New Moon Puzzle (1:7 packs)

T-1    Bella: I could protect you if...
T-2    Edward: Bella, do you not understand my feelin
T-3    Edward: Goodbye Bella.
T-4    Jacob: We talked about this. My size and knowl
T-5    Jacob: You look scared. Bella: I'm not.
T-6    Bella: You're sort of beautiful. Jacob: How ha
T-7    Jacob: What? I'm not the right kind of monster
T-8    Bella: ...Is it possible that everything is tr
T-9    Bella: Jacob, I love you. Don't make me choose

Wolfpack Puzzle (1:11 packs)

WP-1   ...owing elements and no other ...
WP-2   ...nd the Quilutes include the fol...
WP-3   ... treaty between the Cullens a...
WP-4   ... is violated.
WP-5   ...ty can attack the other unless the treaty .
WP-6   Neither par...

Volturi Coven Cards (1:11 packs)

VO-1   The Volturi Coven
VO-2   Carlisle
VO-3   Aro
VO-4   Caius
VO-5   Marcus
VO-6   The Law

Seeing Alice Cards (1:23 packs)

SE-1   Alice & Jasper
SE-2   Alice & Bella
SE-3   Alice Will Change Her

Autograph Cards (1:24 Update packs or factory set)

 --    Carlisle Cullen (Peter Facinelli) 
 --    Alice Cullen (Ashley Greene) 

Case-Loader Card (1:104 packs)

CL-1   Reckless

Target Exclusive (1:15 Gravity Box packs) Holofoil Card

T-1    Goodbye [Edward: This won't hurt you for long.

Hot Topic Exclusive (1:24 packs)

HT-1   Temptations [Bella: It's still my birthday. Ca

Card Album (sold separately)

 --    (binder)

Oversized Autograph Cards (4"x6"; sold separately)

 --    Alice Cullen (Ashley Greene) 

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©2009, 2010 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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