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Twilight Photocards
   Topps Europe - 2008

Notes: This series is approximately 5-1/2" x 4" and has the same base-card images 
and text as the smaller Inkworks card set. "Insert" cards are found at the same 
frequency as the base cards, making this primarily an 89-card set. The checklist 
card is replaced with an unnumbered paper checklist pack insert.

 No.    Title

Base Cards

   1    Twilight Premium Trading Cards
   2    Bella Swan
   3    Edward Cullen
   4    Jacob Black
   5    Dr. Carlisle Cullen
   6    Esme Cullen
   7    Rosalie Hale
   8    Jasper Hale
   9    Alice Cullen
  10    Emmett Cullen
  11    Charlie Swan
  12    James
  13    Victoria
  14    Laurent
  15    Billy Black
  16    Mike Newton
  17    Mr. Molina
  18    Waylon Forge
  19    A New Beginning
  20    Welcome Home Present
  21    Not Daddy's Little Girl
  22    The Black Family
  23    First Day of School
  24    Lunchtime Gossip
  25    The Cullen Family
  26    Biology Class
  27    Mysterious Lab Partner
  28    Dinner with Charlie
  29    The People of Forks
  30    Forman Introduction
  31    Dealing with Biology
  32    A Chance to Talk
  33    Saved
  34    A Family's Concern
  35    Field Trip
  36    Making Up
  37    La Push Beach
  38    Legends
  39    Drawing First Blood
  40    Prom Shopping
  41    Closer to the Truth
  42    Haunted
  43    Answers
  44    Transformation
  45    The Real Me
  46    In Love with Him
  47    Since 1918
  48    Stick With Me
  49    The Cullen Home
  50    Meeting the Parents
  51    Rosalie's Fears
  52    Flying through the Trees
  53    What Alice Sees
  54    Hunter becomes the Prey
  55    Forks in Fear
  56    Midnight Visitor
  57    Baseball with the Cullens
  58    Evil Arrives
  59    Going into Hiding
  60    An Enemy's Warning
  61    Preparing for a Fight
  62    Alice's Nightmarish Vision
  63    Home Invasion
  64    Captured!
  65    Stopping James
  66    Venom
  67    The Battle for Bella
  68    Saving Bella's Life
  69    Repairing Relationships
  70    Prom Night
  71    Forever

  --    Checklist (paper)

"Always" puzzle cards

AL-1    Bella: You're really not gonna eat? Edward: No
AL-2    Bella: Did you follow me? Edward: I feel very
AL-3    Bella: I know what you are. Edward: Say it out
AL-4    Bella: You're beautiful. Edward: Beautiful? Th
AL-5    Bella: About three things, I was absolutely po
AL-6    Bella: I'm not scared of you. Edward: Well, yo
AL-7    Edward: I'm coming to get you. Then you and I
AL-8    Bella: Wow. You are really trying to kill me.
AL-9    Bella: I dream about being with you forever. E

"Different" cards

 D-1    The Cullens
 D-2    Bella Alone
 D-3    Edward Alone
 D-4    Friends?
 D-5    Bella's Boys
 D-6    No One More Different

"In Pursuit" cards

IP-1    The Hunter
IP-2    Hunters and Lovers
IP-3    Hunter and Prey

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