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The Twilight Saga: New Moon Photocards
   Panini - 2009

Notes: This series measures 6" x 4", with images that are different from the NECA 
set and the Topps Europe photocard set. Card front show images from the movie, 
while card backs give the card number and set title (no card titles). The checklist 
inserts show numbered thumbnails of the full 90-card set.

Pack: 6 cards.

No.   Scene

  1   Edward, Jacob, Bella in woods
  2   Bella
  3   Edward
  4   Jacob
  5   Bella in rain
  6   Bella in brush
  7   Jake and Bella: You're a Werewolf
  8   Jake and Bella walking
  9   Bella inside, brown background
 10   Jake performs CPR
 11   Bella looks over R shoulder
 12   Bella at truck door
 13   Bella looks over L shoulder
 14   Edward looms
 15   Paul
 16   Sam
 17   Jared
 18   Enbry
 19   Jake examines motorbike
 20   Jake looks to right (his left)
 21   Bella in woods
 22   Bella and long-hair Jacob
 23   at table
 24   Long-hair Jake nose to nose with Bella
 25   Billy
 26   Paul transforming
 27   Jake watches
 28   Jake and Bella at truck
 29   Laurent gives warning
 30   Bella communes with Laurent
 31   Laurent
 32   Victoria
 33   Jake on bike
 34   Bella leans on Jake
 35   Bella with hair trailing
 36   Bella rides bike
 37   Edward watches
 38   Alice stands
 39   Jasper watches
 40   Bella and Edward near clinch
 41   Jake shows off chest
 42   Bella clings to Jake on sidewalk
 43   Short-hair Jake nose to nose with Bella
 44   Bella in blue with Edward
 45   Edward half-face
 46   Bella looks left
 47   Bella and Edward
 48   Jasper
 49   Rosalie looks L
 50   Holding Jasper back
 51   Bella covers cuts
 52   Carlisle
 53   Esme
 54   Alice
 55   Emmett
 56   Rosalie
 57   Jasper looks L with hunger
 58   Edward in gray looks ahead
 59   Bella looks shocked
 60   Edward's hands to Bella's shoulders
 61   Bella, haloed in gold
 62   Charlie in woods
 63   Billy in green camo
 64   outdoor conclave
 65   Bella, Jake come to an understanding
 66   Bella hugs Charlie
 67   Bella drives truck
 68   Emmett prepares to dive
 69   Victoria in moonlight
 70   Meeting Jane
 71   Aro in ruffles
 72   Carlisle in the past
 73   Marcus on throne
 74   Caius reacts
 75   Edward enters
 76   Alice reacts
 77   Alec does his duty
 78   Jane
 79   Marcus
 80   Aro
 81   Bella submits to Aro
 82   Edward glitters
 83   Bella cries
 84   Edward and Bella at gold wall
 85   Bella at Edward's hospital bed
 86   Bella views Edward's chest
 87   Alice and Bella talk
 88   Bella and Jake touch foreheads
 89   Alice ready to drive
 90   Bella concerned at festival

 --   Checklist (miniature photos 1-42)
 --   Checklist (miniature photos 43-90)

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