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Twin Peaks
Star Pics - 1991

Notes:  Usually distributed as one of two types of factory set: a "regular" version, 
and one marked "Limited Edition" on the card backs.  Thanks to Alan Phillips, Hervé 
Liebman, Jon Doyle, Kurt Kuersteiner, and Stephen Vermac for updates!

No.   Front Title                                    Back Title / Role

  1   Welcome to Twin Peaks                          Title Card
  2   Checklist                                      Checklist
  3   Bird                                           Bewick's Wren
  4   Agent Cooper                                   Dale B. Cooper
  5   Tape Recorder                                  Agent Cooper's Tape Recorder
  6   Diane, 2:15 in the afternoon ...               Famous Dialogue
  7   Cherry Pie                                     Recipe
  8   Sheriff's Station                              Sheriff's Station
  9   Sheriff Truman                                 Harry S. Truman
 10   Deputy Brennan                                 Andy Brennan
 11   Lucy Moran                                     Lucy Moran
 12   Deputy Hawk                                    Tommy Hill
 13   Corpse                                         Laura Palmer in Body Bag
 14   Laura Palmer                                   Laura Palmer
 15   Heart Locket                                   Heart Locket
 16   James Hurley                                   James Hurley
 17   Dr. Jacoby                                     Lawrence Jacoby
 18   Diary                                          Laura's Diary
 19   Dr. Hayward                                    Will Hayward
 20   Donna Hayward                                  Donna Hayward
 21   Pierre Tremond                                 Pierre Tremond
 22   Madeleine Ferguson                             Madeleine Ferguson
 23   Pete Martell                                   Pete Martell
 24   Fish                                           Fish
 25   Catherine Martell                              Catherine Martell
 26   Everything smells like fish ...                Famous Dialogue
 27   Packard Saw Mill                               Packard Saw Mill
 28   Josie Packard                                  Josie Packard
 29   Man ... smell those trees ...                  Famous Dialogue
 30   Pine Cone                                      Pine Cone
 31   RR Diner                                       RR Diner
 32   Norma Jennings                                 Norma Jennings
 33   Coffee                                         Cup of Coffee
 34   Shelley Johnson                                Shelley Johnson
 35   Leo Johnson                                    Leo Johnson
 36   Bobby Briggs                                   Bobby Briggs
 37   Ed Hurley                                      Ed Hurley
 38   Big Ed's Gas Farm                              Big Ed's Gas Farm
 39   Nadine Hurley                                  Nadine Hurley
 40   I'm going to have the world's ...              Famous Dialogue
 41   One day my Log will have something to say ...  Famous Dialogue
 42   The Log Lady                                   Margaret Lauterman
 43   Log                                            The Log
 44   The Roadhouse                                  The Roadhouse
 45   One-Eyed Jack's                                One-Eyed Jack's
 46   Benjamin Horne                                 Benjamin Horne
 47   Audrey Horne                                   Audrey Horne
 48   Jerry Horne                                    Jerry Horne
 49   Horne's Department Store                       Horne's Department Store
 50   Richard Tremayne                               Richard Tremayne
 51   Great Northern Hotel                           Great Northern Hotel
 52   Whitetail Falls                                Whitetail Falls
 53   The owls are not ...                           Famous Dialogue
 54   Jean Renault                                   Jean Renault
 55  The Giant                                      The Giant
 56  He is BOB ...                                  Famous Dialogue
 57  The One-Armed Man                              Phillip Gerard
 58  Killer BOB                                     BOB
 59  Leland Palmer                                  Leland Palmer
 60  Sarah Palmer                                   Sarah Palmer
 61  Ceiling Fan                                    Ceiling Fan
 62  Maybe that's all BOB is ...                    Famous Dialogue
 63  Agent Rosenfield                               Albert Rosenfield
 64  Major Briggs                                   Garland Briggs
 65  Owl                                            Owl
 66  Local legend. The White Lodge ...              Famous Dialogue
 67  Don't let 'em rattle you, Coop ...             Famous Dialogue
 68  Trivia                                         Answers
 69  Trivia                                         Answers
 70  Trivia                                         Answers
 71  Production Notes                               Production Notes
 72  Mark Frost                                     Mark Frost
 73  David Lynch                                    David Lynch
 74  Angelo Badalamenti                             Angelo Badalamenti
 75  Jennifer Lynch                                 Jennifer Lynch
 76  Julee Cruise                                   Julee Cruise


Autograph Cards

  4   Kyle McLachlan [rare]                         Dale B. Cooper
  9   Michael Ontkean                               Harry S. Truman
 10   Harry Goaz                                    Andy Brennan
 11   Kimmy Robertson                               Lucy Moran
 12   Michael Horse                                 Tommy Hill
 14   Sheryl Lee [rare]                             Laura Palmer
 16   James Marshall                                James Hurley
 17   Russ Tamblyn                                  Lawrence Jacoby
 19   Warren Frost                                  Will Hayward
 20   Lara Flynn Boyle                              Donna Hayward
 21   Austin Lynch                                  Pierre Tremont
 22   Sheryl Lee                                    Madeleine Ferguson
 23   Jack Nance                                    Pete Martell
 25   Piper Laurie                                  Catherine Martell
 28   Joan Chen [rare]                              Josie Packard
 34   Madchen Amick                                 Shelley Johnson
 35   Eric DaRe                                     Leo Johnson
 36   Dana Ashbrook                                 Bobby Briggs
 37   Everett McGill                                Ed Hurley
 39   Wendy Robie                                   Nadine Hurley
 42   Catherine E. Coulson                          Margaret Lanterman
 46   Richard Beymer                                Benjamin Horne
 47   Sherilyn Fenn                                 Audrey Horne
 48   David Patrick Kelly                           Jerry Horne
 50   Ian Buchanan                                  Richard Tremayne
 55   Carel Struycken                               The Giant
 57   Al Strobel                                    Phillip Gerard
 58   Frank Silva                                   Killer Bob
 59   Ray Wise                                      Leland Palmer
 60   Grace Zabriskie                               Sarah Palmer
 63   Miguel Ferrer                                 Albert Rosenfield
 64   Don Davis                                     (Major) Garland Briggs
 72   Mark Frost                                    (Co-writer)
 74   Angelo Badalamenti                            (composer)
 75   Jennifer Lynch
 76   Julee Cruise                                  

Uncut Sheet (sold separately)

 --   (5-card panel)


---  (2-up panel)

---  (4-up sheet: 8-1/2 x 11 in, one-sided sheet with both sides of
      each "card" printed adjacent to each other; distributed in a
      sleeve that reveals one card [both sides] at a time. Labeled
      "12th national Sports Collectors Convention," serially numbered
      and limited to 40,000.  Cards shown include,
      -- 1990 Pro Prospects Basketball #2: David Robinson
      -- 1991 Twin Peaks Collectable Card #14: Laura Palmer
      -- 1991 Pro Prospects Football #9: Herman Moore
      -- 1991 Pro Prospects Basketball #21: Steven Smith)

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