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   Topps - 2017

Notes: Intended as a continuing series, sticker-cards were sold sequentially, exclusively on 
the Topps website. Print runs were based on the total sold. The inspiration for the series 
was social-media posts by Candidate and later President Trump.

No.   Tweet Text                               Hashtag          Print Run

  1   Watched protests yesterday but was un    @realDonaldDump    323 
  2   Somebody with aptitude and conviction    @realDonaldDump    216 
  3   Who is this Putin the fake news keeps    @realDonaldDump    201 
  4   Liberals are saying that the great bo    @realDonaldDump    191 
  5   Congratulations! The Senate has confi    @SpiceySean        157
  6   Riddle me this! Riddle me that! What     @realDonaldDump    188

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