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Twilight Zone (Books)
   Unknown - ??
   Reprinted by Unknown - ??

Notes:  This is a nice little set of 12 cards subtitled "Delve into the Twilight 
Zone of Space and the Future." My copy is marked "Limited Edition Reprint - 
5,000 Sets Issued." We couldn't identify an original set from which it was 
printed, but Eugene White recognized the blurbs from the flyers and ads that 
were sent out and inserted in magazines for the Science Fiction Book Club. 
Numbers shown on the cards match the SFBC catalogs from the mid-to-late 
60s, so we can consider the source material to be confirmed.

My set also held an Artist Proof card marked as one of 500 copies, but I also 
have not yet seen signs of the 5000-set distribution without it.

   Title                                             Author(s)

   From the Twilight Zone                            Rod Serling
   All the Colors of Darkness                        Lloyd Biggle, Jr.
   Analog II                                         John W. Campbell, ed.
   Apollo at Go                                      Jeff Sutton
   Beyond the Barrier                                Damon Knight
   Fifth Planet                                      Fred Hoyle, Geoffrey Hoyle
   The Foundation Trilogy                            Isaac Asimov
   Glory Road                                        Robert Heinlein
   I, Robot                                          Isaac Asimov
   The Post Reader of Fantasy and Science Fiction
   A Treasury of Great Science Fiction               Anthony Boucher, ed.
   The World of Flying Saucers                       Donald H. Menzel, Lyle G. Boyd


Artist Proof (marked "1 of 500")

 --   Enter the Twilight Zone

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