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Twilight Zone Series 4:
    Science and Superstition
Rittenhouse Archives - 2005

Note:  Further information and scans are posted at the Rittenhouse website.

Box: 40 packs of 5 cards. 12 boxes per case
Common sets: approx. 2.65 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title                                             Episode

217   Prologue                                          The Last Night of a Jockey
218   Michael Grady, a former jockey, sits alone in     The Last Night of a Jockey
219   Grady suddenly hears a voice, the voice of his    The Last Night of a Jockey
220   Grady takes a snooze, and awakens to find that    The Last Night of a Jockey
221   Grady's elation is cut short by a call from th    The Last Night of a Jockey
222   Epilogue                                          The Last Night of a Jockey
223   Prologue                                          Mr. Bevis
224   James B.W. Bevis, age 30-something, delights i    Mr. Bevis
225   Mr. Peckinpaugh, his lemon-sucking boss, fires    Mr. Bevis
226   The man is J. Hardy Hempstead, who assumes the    Mr. Bevis
227   Bevis soon tires of the change and becomes dep    Mr. Bevis
228   Epilogue                                          Mr. Bevis
229   Prologue                                          The Bard
230   Down-and-out Julius Moomer, a former streetcar    The Bard
231   At Polodney's Book Shop, a small book entitled    The Bard
232   Shakespeare agrees to help Julius with his wri    The Bard
233   Shakespeare stops by rehearsal and meets Rocky    The Bard
234   Epilogue                                          The Bard
235   Prologue                                          The Passerby
236   Hundreds of men amble down a dusty road in 186    The Passerby
237   Lavinia's husband, Jud, is a Confederate offic    The Passerby
238   Full of hatred of the war, and convinced that     The Passerby
239   Lavinia's husband, Jud, appears. Overjoyed, sh    The Passerby
240   Epilogue                                          The Passerby
241   Prologue                                          Dead Man's Shoes
242   A large town car pulls up in an alleyway and t    Dead Man's Shoes
243   Nate makes his way to the Chateau Beechwood ap    Dead Man's Shoes
244   Wilma spots Nate's unique pair of shoes which,    Dead Man's Shoes
245   Nate soon meets Bernie Daggett, a local gangst    Dead Man's Shoes
246   Epilogue                                          Dead Man's Shoes
247   Prologue                                          Back There
248   Peter Corrigan, a young engineer, attends a me    Back There
249   Corrigan walks back to his home, but this too     Back There
250   Corrigan is hauled away by police and arrested    Back There
251   Corrigan returns to the present, to yet anothe    Back There
252   Epilogue                                          Back There
253   Prologue                                          The Purple Testament
254   Lieutenant Fitzgerald discovers that he has th    The Purple Testament
255   Fitzgerald goes to the local hospital to visit    The Purple Testament
256   As they talk about the ravages of war, Fitzger    The Purple Testament
257   As he packs up his gear, Fitzgerald sees his r    The Purple Testament
258   Epilogue                                          The Purple Testament
259   Prologue                                          A Piano in the House
260   Fitzgerald Fortune wanders into an antique sto    A Piano in the House
261   Esther Fortune loves her present. Her enthusia    A Piano in the House
262   The Fortunes have a party, and Fitzgerald puts    A Piano in the House
263   When Fitzgerald isn't looking, Esther switches    A Piano in the House
264   Epilogue                                          A Piano in the House
265   Prologue                                          Night Call
266   Miss Elva Keene, a wheelchair-bound invalid, l    Night Call
267   Spooked, Elva takes the phone off the hook and    Night Call
268   Elva demands that Margaret, her caregiver, tak    Night Call
269   In the middle of the night, Elva excitedly pic    Night Call
270   Epilogue                                          Night Call
271   Prologue                                          A Hundred Yards Over the Rim
272   In search of water and medicine for his ill so    A Hundred Yards Over the Rim
273   Joe and Mary Lou, owners of the diner, invite     A Hundred Yards Over the Rim
274   Joe phones the sheriff to take Horn into custo    A Hundred Yards Over the Rim
275   Joe and the sheriff try their best to catch up    A Hundred Yards Over the Rim
276   Epilogue                                          A Hundred Yards Over the Rim
277   Prologue                                          The Midnight Sun
278   Norma Smith, a paintr by trade and her neighbo    The Midnight Sun
279   Norma goes to the grocery store and franticall    The Midnight Sun
280   A man dying of thirst breaks into Norma's apar    The Midnight Sun
281   In reality, Norma is recovering from a high fe    The Midnight Sun
282   Epilogue                                          The Midnight Sun
283   Prologue                                          The Fugitive
284   A group of boys, a little girl named Jenny who    The Fugitive
285   Two well-dressed men in suits visit the apartm    The Fugitive
286   Afraid that he's going to have to leave in ord    The Fugitive
287   Ben returns, just in time to be caught by the     The Fugitive
288   Epilogue                                          The Fugitive


Twilight Zone Checklist (1:20 packs)

 Z4   Checklist

The Quotable Twilight Zone (1:7 packs)

Q1    Nightmare at 20,000 Feet
Q2    I Am the Night - Color Me Black
Q3    Where Is Everybody?
Q4    Mirror, Mirror
Q5    The After Hours
Q6    The Eye of the Beholder
Q7    The Obsolete Man
Q8    The Fear
Q9    Perchance to Dream
Q10   In Praise of Pip
Q11   Shadow Play
Q12   The Jungle
Q13   The Prime Mover
Q14   A Quality of Mercy
Q15   A Game of Pool
Q16   I Am the Night - Color Me Black
Q17   Of Late I Think of Cliffordville
Q18   Jess-Belle

Twilight Zone Stars (1:14 packs)

S28   Mickey Rooney
S29   Jack Weston
S30   Barry Morse
S31   Sydney Pollack
S32   Ron Howard
S33   Veronica Cartwright
S34   Warren Stevens
S35   Gladys Cooper
S36   Patricia Barry

Autograph Cards (1:10 packs)
   ("Limited" = 300-500 produced, "Very Limited" = 200-300)

A-66  Barry Morse as Fitzgerald Fortune                 A Piano in the House
A-67  Ron Howard as The Wilcox Boy (Very Limited)       Walking Distance
A-68  Joanne Linville as Lavinia                        The Passerby
A-69  Collin Wilcox as Marilyn Cuberl                   Number Twelve Looks Just Like You
A-70  Don Durant as Gregory Walker                      A Piano in the House
A-71  Wright King as Hecate                             Of Late, I Think of Cliffordville
A-72  Mickey Rooney as Michael Grady (Limited)          The Last Night of a Jockey
A-73  Sydney Pollack as Willis                          The Trouble with Templeton
A-74  Alan Sues as Wilfred Harper, Jr.                  The Masks
A-75  Lois Nettleton as Norma                           The Midnight Sun
A-76  Jason Wingreen as Mr. Schuster (Limited)          The Midnight Sun
A-76  Jason Wingreen (Limited)                          The Bard
A-77  Veronica Cartwright as Anne                       I Sing The Body Electric
A-78  Dana Dillaway as Karen                            I Sing The Body Electric
A-79  Judy Strangis as Cora                             The Bard
A-80  Russell Johnson as Peter Corrigan (Limited)       Back There
A-81  John Lasell as John Wilkes Booth                  Back There
A-82  Orson Bean as James B.W. Bevis (Limited)          Mr. Bevis
A-83  William Schallert as The Policeman                Mr. Bevis
A-84  Ron Masak as Harmonica Man                        The Purple Testament
A-85  Patricia Barry as Lelia                           The Chaser
A-86  Susan Gordon as Jenny                             The Fugitive
A-87  Natalie Trundy as Ellen Marshall                  Valley of the Shadow
A-88  Nancy Malone as Millie Frazier                    Stopover in a Quiet Town
A-89  Bill Erwin as Peter Kramer                        Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up?
A-90  Arte Johnson as Irv (Limited)                     The Whole Truth
A-91  Ben Cooper as Dauger                              Still Valley
A-92  Jeanne Cooper as Liz                              Mr. Denton on Doomsday
A-93  Warren Stevens as Nate Bledsoe                    Dead Man's Shoes
A-94  Kevin Hagen as Capt. James Webber                 Elegy
A-95  James Doohan as Father (Limited)                  Valley of the Shadow
A-96  Anne Francis as Jesse-Belle (Limited)             Jesse-Belle
A-97  Edson Stroll (album, also listed below)           Eye of the Beholder

Twilight Zone Hall of Fame (1:100 packs; numbered to 333)

H5    Jonathan Harris
H6    Jack Weston
H7    Russell Johnson
H8    Gladys Cooper
H9    Cliff Robertson
H10   Anne Francis
H11   Mickey Rooney
H12   Fritz Weaver

SketchaFex Card (Case-Topper)

 --   Chris Bolson: Robbie The Robot                    The Brain Center at Whipple's

"Cut Signature" Relic Card (1:100,000 packs; 5 made)

 --   Rod Serling

Card Album (sold separately)

--    Series 4 (binder)
--    (twelve 9-pocket pages)
A-97  Edson Stroll as Walter Smith (exclusive autograph)
P3    (Rod Serling; exclusive promo)

Archive Boxes

 --   (master set of cards available in packs except Cut Signature; marked on outside)
 --   (master set of cards available in packs except Cut Signature; not marked on outside)

Multi-Case Incentive SketchaFEX (2 cases purchased)

 --   Chris Bolson: The Gremlin                         Nightmare at 20,000 Feet

Multi-Case Incentive Autograph (6 cases purchased)

A-15  Elizabeth Allen as The Saleswoman                 The After Hours


CP1   Early 2005 (5 faces + Rod; conventions)
P1    Early 2005 (general distribution)
P2    (William Shatner; exclusive)
P3    (Rod Serling; album exclusive, also listed above)
--    (dealer sell sheet)

©2005, 2006 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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