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Ugly Stickers (1973-74)
   Topps - 1973/1974 [tan backs]
   Topps - 1976      [white backs]

Notes:  The 1973/1974 series followed on the successful 1965 Ugly Stickers series. 
This time, 55 different sticker images were printed on 110 unnumbered stickers, 
with two variation names for each picture. Each name variation was found only 
with stickers with a single (" * ") or double (" ** ") star next to the Topps copyright. 
Sticker backs were a single sheet of tan paper, and stickers were die-cut.

It is difficult to distinguish the series of 1973 stickers from those issued only in 
1974. The 1973 wrappers were green, serial #0-453-85-01-3, with the instructions 
"1 bend on crease - 2 Stick to anything!". The 1974 edition also contained 12 
puzzle-pieces, printed on cardboard cards. The green wrappers, serial 
# 0-482-21-01-4, bear alternating ads: "Lotsa friends means lotsa Bazooka"; 
"Bazooka has it all"; and "Be prepared". Wrapper states that in Canada, the 
material was made and distributed under license by O-Pee-Chee Canada.

Topps reissued the series in 1976, this time with white-back stickers and no 
puzzle pieces. These stickers were identical, except that they were backed 
with white cardboard instead of tan paper. The green wrapper design is the 
same as for 1973/1974, but bears different ads and states "Made & printed 
in U.S.A. by Topps Chewing Gum, Inc. for Trebor Sharps Ltd., Maidstone"; 
with serial # 0-485-21-01-6. Many thanks to David Paul for the original 
checklist information!


  * Name                 ** Name

  Agnes                  Cathy
  Andy                   Doug
  Barbara                Karen
  Ben                    Roy
  Bill                   Dom

  Bobby                  Elmer
  Brian                  Tony
  Bridget                Connie
  Charlie                Murray
  Chris (Double Eye)     Jean

  Cliff                  Ralph
  Doc                    Stu
  Donna                  Helen
  Doris                  Lenny
  Ed                     Pat

  Eleanor                Sandy
  Elliott                Barney
  Emily                  Mary
  Emma                   Joan
  Eva                    Jane

  Felix                  Artie
  Flora                  Cindy
  Frank                  Chris (Aqua Redhead)
  George                 Harvey
  Glenda                 Evelyn

  Glenn                  Bruno
  Granny                 Millie    [no stars printed for this pair]
  Harold                 Alvin
  Hazel                  Melvin
  Hymie                  Mitch

  Ida                    Harry
  Irene                  Dale
  Iris                   Lou
  Jeff                   Liz
  Jennifer               Dorothy

  Jill                   Irv
  Joe                    Guy
  Judy                   Joel
  Keith                  Hugo
  Leon                   Dave

  LeRoy                  Paul
  Lloyd                  Walt
  Mary Ann               Paula
  Neal                   Mike
  Nick                   Mark

  Norman                 Tommy
  Oliver                 Buddy
  Oscar                  Henry
  Pete                   Carl
  Rich                   Phil

  Ron                    Jim
  Sid                    Sy
  Stan                   Craig
  Steve                  Edith
  Susan                  Nancy

Puzzle Pieces (1974 distribution only)

  top column 1
  top column 2
  top column 3
  top column 4
  center column 1
  center column 2
  center column 3
  center column 4
  bottom column 1
  bottom column 2
  bottom column 3
  bottom column 4

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