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Ultimate Anime
Comic Images - 2002

Notes:  The cards show the copyright date for the animation, not for the card set.

Box: 36 packs of 7 cards (24-pt stock).
Common sets: approx. 3.46 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Card Text / Title

   Armitage III: Poly-Matrix

  1   Chicago detective Ross Sylibus, who is transfe
  2   At MPD HQ, Ross and Armitage report. There is
  3   As they continue to track D'anclaude, the susp
  4   Armitage and Ross meet Julian, the last of the
  5   To get into the Hospital, Armitage and Sylibus
  6   One of Sylibus's few remaining friends on the
  7   Wilbur explains that Asakura is unbalanced, as
  8   Armitage vows to fight, and, as Dannich Hill b
  9   Night falls on the Martian desert, and somehow


 10   Millie Thompson and Meryl Strife, two agents f
 11   The girls continue to run into Vash, as bounty
 12   The adventures on the desert planet get more d
 13   Over a century ago, a fleet of cryogenic space
 14   Things quickly fell apart on the flagship of P
 15   As Legato and the Gung Ho Guns gang begin to c
 16   Millie and Wolfwood finally admit their feelin
 17   Legato has an entire village under his control
 18   Reliving all the events that have led to this

   El Hazard: The Alternative World

 19   The World of Confusion
 20   The World of Royalty
 21   The World of Bugs
 22   The World of Mistaken Identity
 23   The World of Sleeping Demons
 24   The World of Surprises
 25   The World of Destruction
 26   The World of Vision
 27   The World of Confusion

   Serial Experiments: Lain

 28   Layer 01
 29   Layer 02
 30   Layer 03
 31   Layer 04
 32   Layer 05
 33   Layer 06
 34   Layer 07
 35   Layer 08
 36   Layer 09

   Gate Keepers

 37   Shun is an ordinary high school student whose
 38   The Alien Exterminating Global Intercept Syste
 39   The fifth member of the team doesn't want to j
 40   Shun goes on vacation with his family, when th
 41   Gate Keepers from Germany, America and England
 42   Reiko feels useless. She thinks she hasn't con
 43   The team is forced to stay close to school dur
 44   After learning of Reiji's past, Shun feels sor
 45   After the shocking revelations about his past,

   Tenchi Muyo!

 46   No Need for Ova!
 47   No Need for Battle!
 48   No Need for Time and Space!
 49   No need for Earth!
 50   No need for Money!
 51   No Need for Disguises!
 52   No Need for Revelations!
 53   No Need for Power!
 54   No Need for Conclusion!

   Fushigi Yugi

 55   Miaka, an ordinary schoolgirl, and her best fr
 56   A confused Miaka and her protector, Tamahome,
 57   Yui continues to read about her friend's adven
 58   The love quadrangle between the Emperor, Miaka
 59   The group journeys to Mount Taikyoku to find a
 60   The fake Miaka impersonates the real one, as t
 61   Taitsukan explains she was the one testing Mia
 62   Yui has vanished. Miaka tells her brother abou
 63   As the group comes to Tamahome's village and m

   The SoulTaker

 64   Kyosuke's life shatters, when his mother attem
 65   An international mega corporation, the Kirihar
 66   Kyosuke meets a girl claiming to be Runa of th
 67   After rescuing another Flicker, Shiro and Kyos
 68   The mystery of the Hospital Organization, the
 69   Yui, the vice-president of the Kirihara Group,
 70   The pair encounter the mysterious Bandaged Man
 71   Fused with the SoulAnubis, a freed Runa takes
 72   Checklist


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