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United Nations at War
WTW Productions - 1983

Note:  This is another neat set that reprints cards that originally appeared
on "Dixie Cup" ice cream lids; the reprint version is on 2-1/2" x 3-1/8" cards.
From the title card: "This series of 24 Military scenes, originally issued on
Ice Cream lids, has been produced in full color, size and format of the most
popular collectibles of that era, "Picture Cards." The scenes reflect in art,
style and text the national mood of the year 1944."  Thanks much to Jan
Burns Cederquist for the original checklist!

No.   Title

 --   UNITED NATIONS at WAR [title card]
  1   AUSTRALIAN troops slash thru to capture Finschhafen, N.G.
  2   BELGIAN Bonfires guide R.A.F. Flyers on bombing raids
  3   BRAZIL'S Fliers win duel with Nazi U-Boat off Rio de Janeiro
  4   CANADIAN Air and Sea Power blast Nazi subs - North Atlantic
  5   CHINESE courage stops Jap advance on Changsha
  6   CUBA - "Lucky 13" Sub Chaser sinks U-Boat in Caribbean
  7   CZECHOSLOVAK Troops battle fiercely against Nazis on Soviet Front
  8   DANES outwid Nazis, scuttle their fleet - Copenhagen
 10   FRENCH capture Bastia from Nazis and liberate Corsica
 11   GREAT BRITAIN'S mighty bombers batter and devastate Berlin
 12   GREEK Destroyer Force captures Augusta, Sicily
 13   INDIAN Troops guard supply landings - Battle of Sicily, Italy
 14   LATIN AMERICANS Supply Essential Materials
 15   MEXICO - Patrol Boats in action on Caribbean Sea
 16   NETHERLANDS Airmen aid in smashing attack on Rabaul, N.B.
 17   NEW ZEALANDERS despite stiff Jap opposition capture Treasury Islands-Sols.
 18   NORWEGIAN Air and Naval Units protect convoy - North Atlantic
 19   PHILLIPINE Sub Chaser Bataan patrols on Caribbean Sea
 20   POLISH sub DZIK sinks Nazi merchant ships - Mediterranean Sea
 21   SO. AFRICA (Capetown) Allied Ships handling supplies for War Fronts
 22   AMERICAN Forces storm and capture Gilberts--Marshall Islets - Mid Pacific
 23   RED ARMY'S heroic stand defeats Nazis at Stalingrad
 24   YUGOSLAVS sabotaging Rail centre Subotitsa-Belgrade-Nish line

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