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Uncle Miltie
   Bowman - 1952

Notes: Berle, of course. Cards are unnumbered, and were wrapped with bubble 
gum in a green wrapper promising "Jokes - Pictures - Bubble Gum." They are 
approximately 1-1/2" x 2-1/2" with front caricatures and captions. This list might 
not be complete; I have not seen a definitive opinion on item count. American 
Card Catalog reference is R701-7. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports 
Cards gallery.


    Aint been feelin well lately Doc, everything seems
    Boy wanted ... To sew buttons on the fourth floor!
    Confusion say: - Sense of humor is being able to l
    Confusion say: All difference in world between nor
    "Does the animal trainer in a circus get much mone
    Getting a rise out of folks is easy if you use a l
    I aint got nobody!
    I call my dentist for appointment ... He say two t
    I could be a swell dancer except for two things...
    I don't do this so good. Maybe I should have been
    I heard something this morning that sure opened my
    I never flew solo before!
    I turned on the radio by mistake and thought I'd g
    If I had two pieces of bread - I could make me a t
    In my will ... I left my brains to the hospital -
    It's a long walk from the ring to the dressing roo
    Last night I dreamed I invented a new type of brea
    Last year I went to London. I could'nt make the Du
    Like George Washington I tossed a silver dollar ac
    ... Long distance from Mexico City? Sure, everybod
    Milton Chan says: Plivate dick now get closer. New
    My father invented a sieve without holes for peopl
    My father's so stingy he scolded me for buying an
    My friend laughed when I spoke to the waiter in Ru
    Pop wouldn't help - He said I'd have to get them w
    Run into the roundhouse Armbruster He can't corner
    Sure I know all about flying saucers - They've bee
    The audience has lots of feeling for my singing -
    They call me Bill because they got me on the first
    They call me One-Eye - Cause I crash gates! I walk
    They gave me a job catching flies in Center Field!
    They laughed when I sat down at the piano - I forg
    They told me I would be making a clean sweep of Ci
    They told me to come down here if I wanted to get

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