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Under the Dome Season Two Collector's Set
   Rittenhouse Archives - 2015

Notes: Each factory set holds 13 Season Two Episode Cards and 18 autograph 
cards. Limited to 2500 sets. Further information and scans are posted at the 
Rittenhouse website.

  No.    Title

Episode Cards

     1   Heads Will Roll
     2   Infestation
     3   Force Majeure
     4   Revelation
     5   Reconciliation
     6   In the Dark
     7   Going Home
     8   Awakening
     9   The Red Door
    10   The Fall
    11   Black Ice
    12   Turn
    13   Go Now

Autograph Cards

      All cards are "Bordered" format.

   --    Aisha Hinds as Carolyn Hill
   --    Beth Broderick as Rose Twitchell
   --    Britt Robertson as Angie McAlister
   --    Colin Ford as Joe McAlister
   --    Dale Raoul as Andrea Grinnell
   --    Grace Victoria Cox as Melanie Cross
   --    Jeff Fahey as Sheriff Duke Perkins
   --    John Elvis as Ben Drake
   --    Jolene Purdy as Dodee Weaver
   --    Josh Carter as Rusty
   --    Mackenzie Lintz as Norrie Calvert-Hill
   --    Mare Winningham as Agatha Seagrave
   --    Mike Vogel as Dale "Barbie" Barbara
   --    Natalie Martinez as Sheriff Linda Esquivel
   --    Ned Bellamy as Reverend Lester Coggins
   --    Nicholas Strong as Phil Bushey
   --    R. Keith Harris as Peter Shumway
   --    Samantha Mathis as Alice Calvert

Multiple-Set-Purchase Incentive

   --    Alexander Koch as Junior Rennie [autograph; 3 sets]
   --    (bonus tenth set) [9 sets]

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