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Universal Monsters Illustrated

Notes: The set features nine groups of eleven cards covering each of nine movies. Card 
backs show a second image, often a photo, with text describing both sides of the card. 
Thanks much to Mike Fitzpatrick for the list and the hard work capturing text!

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets (100): approx. 2.82 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Text Describing Card Front

  1   UMI Title Card (art by Hugh Fleming)

Dracula (art by Whilce Portacio, except #2 by Basil Gogos)

  2   This landmark film launched Universal's legendary series of horror
  3   At Borgo Pass in the mist-shrouded mountains of Transylvania, Coun
  4   "I am...Dracula!" Cordially welcoming his new guest, Count Dracula
  5   As Dracula's bloodthirsty brides hover over the fallen Renfield, t
  6   Shipbound for England, Dracula stands gaunt on the storm-tossed de
  7   Dracula invades London, transforms himself into a bat and penetrat
  8   Count Dracula tempts Renfield with "rats...thousands of them! All
  9   Prof. Van Helsing confronts Count Dracula in a dramatic showdown,
 10   Despite Prof. Van Helsing's safeguards, Mina falls under the super
 11   At Carfax Abbey, Renfield is savagely attacked and destroyed by hi
 12   Van Helsing drives a wooden stake through Dracula's black heart as

Frankenstein (art by Mark Chiarello, except #13 by Basil Gogos)

 13   James Whale's Frankenstein (1931) is and will probably remain the
 14   At the cemetery in the dead of night, Dr. Frankenstein and his hun
 15   In the laboratory, Frankenstein, Fritz, and the doctor's uninvited
 16   After the lab table returns to its original position, the Monster'
 17   The Frankenstein Monster stands dramatically in the doorway of the
 18   As Dr. Frankenstein ponders what to do with his creation, dwarf hu
 19   The Monster confronts a little girl, Maria, by the lake and accide
 20   It's Henry and Elizabeth Frankenstein's wedding day, and an irate
 21   The torch-carrying villagers pursue Frankenstein and his creation
 22   Atop the burning windmill, the Frankenstein Monster throttles his
 23   The Monster, pinned by a fallen beam, screams in agony as he is bu

The Mummy (art by Kelly Jones, except #24 by Basil Gogos)

 24   More a tragic love story than a traditional horror chiller, The Mu
 25   In Egypt, archeologist Sir Joseph Whemple, young Ralph Norton and
 26   Norton, reading the Scroll of Life, looks up in utter horror as th
 27   Somehow, Im-Ho-Tep has transformed himself from a rotting, bandage
 28   Ardath Bey in the Cairo Museum at night, reciting from the Scroll
 29   In an ancient Egyptian-styled apartment, Ardath Bey and Helen (the
 30   In the flashback from ancient Egypt observed by Ardath Bey and Hel
 31   Im-Ho-Tep, his tongue torn out, is wrapped in bandages and buried
 32   Trying to burn the Scroll of Life in his fireplace, Sir Joseph Whe
 33   At Ardath Bey's ancient Egyptian-styled apartment, reborn Mummy Im
 34   Blasted by the statue of Isis, Im-Ho-Tep crumbles into a grotesque

The Invisible Man (art by Bill Sienkiewicz, except #35 by Joe Smith)

 35   The Invisible Man (1933) was James Whale's robust adaptation of th
 36   On the icy plains during a snowstorm, scientist Jack Griffin, head
 37   The bandaged and bundled-up Griffin gives the inhabitants of the L
 38   "You're crazy to know who I am, aren't you?" rants a mad, laughing
 39   Jack Griffin, now re-bandaged and in a robe, sits across from Dr.
 40   Mad with his own power, Griffin gestures defiantly as poor Flora lo
 41   The ghost-like Invisible Man, wanted by the authorities, slaughters
 42   At a train traffic station, the Invisible Man throttles the station
 43   Griffin's nasty revenge on Kemp. After the scientist betrays him, t
 44   Trapped in a flaming barn, the Invisible Man throws open the door a
 45   Griffin's return to visible self, the final metamorphosis. From a s

The Bride of Frankenstein (art by Mike Mignola, except #46 by Basil Gogos)

 46   Unquestionably the finest horror film ever produced by Universal, T
 47   Encouraged by Lord Byron, Mary Shelley "opens up her pits of hell" 
 48   Somehow, the Monster survived the windmill fire. Now he emerges fro
 49   Dr. Pretorius proudly displays his living creations: mini-people in
 50   The Monster, captured by hate-crazed villagers in the woods and hoi
 51   No prison can contain the Frankenstein Monster for long. He breaks 
 52   The Monster and a blind, reclusive hermit become friends. They enjo
 53   More mad lab excitement with Drs. Frankenstein and Pretorius throwi
 54   The scientists stare in awe as their newest creation, the Bride, st
 55   The Frankenstein Monster confronts his reluctant Bride and gently s
 56   "Get away from that lever - You'll blow us all to atoms!" shouts Dr

The Wolf Man (art by Brian Stelfreeze, except #57 by Basil Gogos)

 57   After stumbling with Henry Hull as The Werewolf of London (1936), U
 58   Lawrence Talbot is reunited with his father, Sir John, at the Talbo
 59   In the forest, Larry Talbot struggles with a four-footed werewolf -
 60   Confronting the old gypsy woman Malaeva, a desperate Larry Talbot p
 61   It's a full moon, and the horrors of lycanthropy strike Larry Talbo
 62   In the misty graveyard, the fully-formed Wolf Man attacks a hapless 
 63   Caught in a steel trap, the Wolf Man rolls about on the forest grou
 64   Larry Talbot, convinced he's responsible for the various killings,
 65   "Even a man who is pure in heart and says his prayers by night, may
 66   It's father against son as Sir John Talbot, armed with Larry's silv
 67   An astonished, heartbroken Sir John kneels beside the dead body of

Creature From the Black Lagoon (art by Crash, except #68 by Basil Gogos)

 68   A product of the 1950's science fiction craze (it was filmed in 3-D
 69   The Creature, a prehistoric manphibian, dwells in the mysterious, d
 70   Left behind to guard Dr. Maia's camp, Brazilian natives Luis and To
 71   Beautiful Kay Lawrence goes for a swim in the Black Lagoon, unaware
 72   Scientists David Reed and Mark Williams encounter the Creature for
 73   As night falls, the drugged, but still formidable Gill Man emerges
 74   Although drugged, the Creature still has enough strength to maul an
 75   Imprisoned by the scientists aboard The Rita, the Creature smashes
 76   The vengeful Creature grabs Mark Williams by the leg and drags him
 77   In his underwater lair, the Gill Man carries off Kay Lawrence as sp
 78   Dr. Maia and Lucas, having reached the underwater grotto through th

This Island Earth (art by Al Williamson, except #79 by Basil Gogos)

 79   One of the last Hollywood films photographed in the astounding thre
 80   As nuclear scientist Cal Meacham and his assistant Joe Wilson watch
 81   Brack, one of  Exeter's other-worldly assistants, shoots a deadly n
 82   Trying to escape, the small plane containing scientists Cal Meachum
 83   Aboard the flying saucer, Cal and Ruth are placed inside giant glas
 84   In deep space, Exeter's flying saucer engages in a battle with come
 85   Exeter and his human companions make their way across the battered
 86   The savage Mutant attacks Exeter as he helps the Earth people escap
 87   Exeter waxes poetic as his native world dies. " A lifeless planet..
 88   The still-living Mutant stowaway chases Ruth all around the flying
 89   After Cal and Ruth are returned safely to Earth, Exeter's flying sa

The Incredible Shrinking Man (art by Dave Dorman, except #90 by Joe Smith)

 90   The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957) was Universal's last important
 91   An astonished Robert Scott Carey stands atop his brother's boat as
 92   Scott Carey's body is completely engulfed in the weird radioactive
 93   Now shrinking at an alarming rate, Carey is literally held in the h
 94   A desperate Scott Carey fights for his life, trying to close the do
 95   Now trapped in the basement, the Incredible Shrinking Man must have
 96   Scott manages to light a giant match in his quest for survival in t
 97   The basement heater breaks, and before Scott knows it, he's caught
 98   The truly terrifying, fight to the death between the Incredible Shr
 99   The battle for the basement continues to rage. Scott defends himsel
100   "I looked up, as if somehow I might grasp the heavens," ponders Sco

Monsterchrome Cards (1:9 packs)

 M1   Universal Monsters [group]
 M2   Dracula
 M3   Frankenstein
 M4   The Mummy
 M5   The Invisible Man
 M6   Bride of Frankenstein
 M7   The Wolf Man
 M8   Creature From the Black Lagoon
 M9   This Island Earth
 M10  The Incredible Shrinking Man

HorrorGlow Cards (1:18  packs)

 H1   Frankenstein (art by John Byrne)
 H2   Creature From the Black Lagoon (art by Todd McFarlane)
 H3   The Mummy (art by Mark Schultz)
 H4   The Wolf Man (art by Joe Quesada)

Box-Topper poster

 --   Universal Monsters Illustrated (10-1/2" x 17")

 --   The Mummy (HorrorGlow; art by Mark Schultz)
 --   Bride of Frankenstein (art by Mike Mignola; dealer promo)
 --   This Island Earth (art by Al Williamson; Non-Sport Update; also in cello pack
         with promos from 8 other sets)
 --   Classic Creatures of Horror & Fantasy (oversized 5-1/4" x 7-1/4"; inset with
         image of Mike Mignola artwork above; Previews)

©2005 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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