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Uranus Strikes!
Thing (Bob Ting) - 1986

Notes:  Originally distributed as a complete hobby set with glossy wrapper.
Many thanks to Mike Fitzpatrick for the checklist and update!

Box: 48 packs of 6 cards.
Common sets: approx. 8.00 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title

  1   Operation Flaming Coffin!
  2   Lost In Space!
  3   Earth Is Alerted!
  4   Killing Spree!
  5   Earth Strikes--Out!
  6   Nowhere To Hide!
  7   Halloween Trick!
  8   Fatal Atmosphere!
  9   Airwave Takeover!
 10   Horror In Fantasyland!
 11   War Souvenirs!
 12   Attack At Sea!
 13   Prize Captive!
 14   Traitors!
 15   Youths Fight Back!
 16   Fleeing The Fleas!
 17   Humongous Insects!
 18   In Their Own Image!
 19   Nature Strikes Back!
 20   Torture!
 21   Lynch Mob!
 22   Laughed To Death!
 23   Pest Control Squadron!
 24   Infiltrating Enemy!
 25   Fate Of Mankind!
 26   Remember The Alamo!
 27   Uranus Victorious!
 28   Surprise Counterattack!
 29   Earth Hits 'Em Home!
 30   Hand To Claw Combat!
 31   Uranus Crumbles!
 32   Dog Fight!
 33   Terrifying New World!
 34   Man's Final Gesture!
 35   This Fireball Earth!
 36   Invasion Synopsis!

 --   (Set Wrapper)


Prize Redemption Card

 --   Premier Coupon (redemption card)

      -- U.S. T-shirt
      -- U.S. metal badge
      -- framed, unfolded wrapper
      -- 8x10 color print from box cover
      -- 3D poster
      -- Ceramic bank

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