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USA Calendar Girls
ICE Promotions - 1993

Notes:  Distributed as a boxed factory set, limited to 8500 copies. The
numbered cards are foldouts (approximately 7-1/2" x 3-1/2") and, except
for #8, feature one tall photo and three single-card-size photos per model
(with full nudity). The "Name That Butt!" contest card entitled an observant
collector to send in a postcard to obtain a free color poster or 8x10 photo.
The oddity is that the contest card says that "Each of the four butts above
belongs to one or more of the beautiful women in this ... card set," and I
wonder which one(s) might be shared by more than one woman.

No.   Title               Renown

  1   Cheryl Kelly        National Calendar Cover Girl
  2   Dani Lynn           Centerfold, Former Ice Skater and Junior Olympian
  3   Melissa Storm       1989 Miss Colorado USA Finalist
  4   Shannon Rae         Appeared in Numerous Health & Fitness Magazines
  5   Sandy Chase         Placed Second in the World in Jet Ski Racing
  6   Tikka Merceé        National Magazine & Video Favorite
  7   Sasha Kline         Hottest Legs in the South has Won Her $11,000
  8   Showtime            (Cheryl, Sandy, Tikka)
  9   Elaina Downs        Toured with M.C. Hammer as Feature Dancer
 10   America

Bonus Cards (regular card size)

 --   [Cover Card]        10 Incredibly Gorgeous Fold-Out Cards
 --   [Contest Card]      Name That Butt!
 --   [Production Card]   Details

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