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Useful Birds of America (Fifth Series)
   Church & Dwight (Arm & Hammer) - 1933

Notes:  Reference number J9-1.  Cards were distributed with baking soda packages. 
Artwork is by M. E. Eaton, and includes designs previously used in Series 1-3.

No.   Title                      Classification

  1   Robin                      Turdus migratorius
  2   Goldfinch                  Astrogalinus tristis
  3   Red-tailed Hawk            Buteo borealis
  4   Sandpiper                  Semipalmated: Ereunetes pusillus; Least: Actodromas minutilla
  5   Indigo Bunting             Cyanospiza cyanea
  6   Cardinal                   Carinalis cardinalis
  7   Horned Lark                Otocaris alpestris
  8   White-throated Sparrow     Zonotrichia albicollis
  9   Nighthawk                  Chordeiles virginianus
 10   Barn Swallow               Hirundo erythrogastra
 11   Purple Grackle             Quiscalus quiscula
 12   Black-billed Cuckoo        Coccygus erythrophthalmus
 13   Downy Woodpecker           Picus subescens medianus
 14   Flycatcher (Kingbird)      Tyrannus tyrannus
 15   Yellow Warbler             Dendroica æstiva

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