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U.S. Navy Victories
   Bowman - 1954

Notes: Card fronts have color artwork, while backs have explanatory text and 
a line-drawing "do you know your Navy's Insignia?" feature. American Card 
Catalog reference is R701-16. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards 

Box: 120 packs of 1 card plus gum.

No.   Title                                  Insignia

  1   The Bonhomme and Serapis               Yeoman
  2   "To the Shores of Tripoli"             Electronics Technician
  3   Niagara Fights Alone                   Tradevman
  4   Bombardment of Vera Cruz               Machinery Repairman
  5   "Destroyed Albemarle by Torpedo"       Radarman
  6   Spanish Fleet Destroyed                Gunner's Mate
  7   Destroyers Convoy Troopships           Teleman
  8   Victory Over the Kamikaze              Anti-Aircraft Machine Gunner
  9   Landing at Inchon                      Communications Technician
 10   First Salute to Our Flag               Storekeeper
 11   Vera Cruz Captured - 1914              Gun Rangefinder Operator
 12   Perry Transfers Flag                   Aircraft Gunner
 13   Naval Forces Take Monterey             Gun Pointer Gun Trainer
 14   "Full Speed Ahead"                     Mines Warfare
 15   Cuban Shore Landing                    Explosive Disposal
 16   Y Gun Helps Defeat Enemy               Fire Fighter Assistant
 17   "D" Day Victory                        Expert Lookout
 18   Victory Through the Air                Avaiation Electronicsman
 19   "I Have Not Yet Begun to Fight"        Electrician
 20   "Long Live Our Constellation"          Damage Controlman
 21   Los Angeles Captured                   Mechanic
 22   U.S.S. Congress Blown Up               I. C. Electrician
 23   "Fire When Ready, Gridley"             Engineman
 24   German U-Boat-58 Surrenders            Seaman Gunner
 25   "Gung Ho"                              Fire Control Technician
 26   Korean Bridge Hit                      Horizontal Bomber
 27   "Glover's Amphibians" Ferry 
         Washington Across Delaware          Boatswain's Mate
 28   Decatur Burns the Philadelphia         Radioman
 29   "Don't Give Up the Ship"               Dental Technician
 30   Naval Force Lands at Mulije            Boilerman
 31   Farragut Captures New Orleans          Quartermaster
 32   "Remember the Maine"                   Draftsman
 33   Mining the North Sea                   Mineman
 34   11 Men Against 500                     Machinist's Mate
 35   Frogmen Cut Nets                       Builder
 36   First American Submarine - 1776        Construction Electrician
 37   Algerian Pirates Repelled              Instrumentman
 38   Constitution Bests Guerriere           Hospital Corpsman
 39   Military Stores Blown Up               Aviation Boatswain
 40   Hobson Sinks Ship                      Aerographer
 41   Saipan Victory                         Aviation Machinist
 42   "Tin Fish" Victory                     Torpedoman
 43   U.S.S. United States vs. Macedonian    Aviation Electronics Technician
 44   Naval Battle on Lake Champlain         Sonarman
 45   Merrimac Rams the Cumberland           Aviation Storekeeper
 46   Marine "Flame Throwers"                Photographer
 47   Merrimac and Monitor Battle            Fire Control Radar Operator
 48   "Long May It Wave"                     Fire Controlman

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