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Presidents of the United States
(The Golden Stamp Book)
   Simon and Schuster - 1954

Notes: "Stamps" (smaller format cards) were originally issued in 9-up perforated 
sheets for placement in the stamp-book albums. Titles are shown below in the order 
stamps were placed in the album. Text was by Thomas K Ford and artwork was 
supplied by Mel T. Crawford.


   President's Flag
   Seal of the President of the U.S.
   George Washington at Valley Forge
   Mount Vernon
   George Washington
   John Adams
   Thomas Jefferson
   James Madison
   Burning of the White House, 1814
   James Monroe
   John Quincy Adams
   Andrew Jackson
   The Hermitage
   Martin Van Buren
   William Henry Harrison
   John Tyler
   James K. Polk
   General Zachary Taylor
   Millard Fillmore
   Franklin Pierce
   James Buchanan
   Abraham Lincoln's Birthplace
   Lincoln-DOuglas Debates
   Abraham Lincoln
   Andrew Johnson
   Ulysses S. Grant
   Rutherford B. Hayes
   James A. Garfield
   Chester A. Arthur
   Grover Cleveland
   Benjamin Harrison
   William McKinley
   Theodore Roosevelt
   Theodore Roosevelt and the "Rough Riders"
   William H. Taft
   Professor Woodrow Wilson
   Woodrow Wilson in Paris
   Warren G. Harding
   Calvin Coolidge
   Herbert C. Hoover
   Franklin D. Roosevelt
   Allied Leaders, World War II
   Harry S. Truman
   Harry S. Truman and Gen. George Marshall
   General Eisenhower Inspecting Troops
   Dwight D. Eisenhower
   The White House

   (stamp album)

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