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Valentine Postcards
   Topps - 1969

Note: Cards are 3-1/8" x 5-1/4".

No.   Title

  1   I'm Blue Without You!
  2   You're Really Something To Crow About!
  3   You're Dynamite!
  4   Love Me a Lot ...
  5   I'm Down in the Dumps Without You!
  6   You're a Charmer!
  7   I'm Your Baby!
  8   You Turn Me On!
  9   If You Won't Be My Valentine, I'll Croak!
 10   I'm One of a Kind
 11   I'm a Groovy chick!
 12   You're Really a Peach!
 13   Let's Horse Around!
 14   You're a Knockout!
 15   I'm a Dreamboat!
 16   You Drive Me Nuts!
 17   When I See You I Melt!
 18   You're a Real Doll!
 19   I'm Stuck On You
 20   Is There a Ghost of a Chance...
 21   I'm Crazy About You!
 22   I Can't Bear To Be Without You!
 23   I'm Nothing Without You!
 24   You've Really Got It!
 25   You're a Turtledove!
 26   I'm a Farout Cat!
 27   Hi, Honey...
 28   I'd Ask You To Be My Valentine But...
 29   You're a Cute Dish
 30   I'm a Cute Little Devil!
 31   I'm a Prisoner Of Your Heart!
 32   Lets Neck!
 33   You're Really Something Else!

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